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Millennium Force

February 5, 2011

For years I have wanted to go on this legendary coaster at one of the most legendary parks in the world. Millennium Force is one of the most hyped about coasters and has won the Golden Ticket Award for best roller coaster for six years, so I couldn’t help but wonder if it would live up to it’s fame. Fortunately I was not disappointed.

As you enter the Cedar Point you can see the lift of blue and silver steel rising up into the heavens. It is placed in the back half of the park so you can savor the feeling of excitement as you are running toward the line. Once in the station we can admire the neon lights and electronic music. After what seems like an eternity we finally get into the train.

The ride uses an elevator cable instead of a chain lift to get to the top of it’s monstrous lift, the advantages of this are that it is quieter and faster than a normal lift. So instead of the normal click click click…. to get to the top, it is silent. Once at the top we drop down an incredibly steep eighty degree, three hundred foot drop. This is commonly hailed as the best first drop of any coaster ever (for good reason). As if the drop wasn’t good enough we rise up and flip one hundred twenty degrees to the right for the mammoth over-banked turn.

We drop down to planet earth again and around a conventional turn into a steel tunnel. Through the darkness we fly straight into a huge one hundred eighty foot hill where airtime is prominent. Right about now we wonder how the coaster can get any better, and it answers our question with a dive to Millennium Force’s private island. Another over-banked turn is  in the works and it is executed as well as the first one. Then we dive again onto the island towards yet another over-banked turn. This may seem like an overdose of over-banked but it is really the perfect amount.

The next trick up Millennium Force’s sleeve is a smaller, but no less awesome, airtime hill. We blast into and out of another tunnel in a flash straight into a bunny hop next to the station. There is still one more over-banked turn to get us dizzy before we hit the brakes.

Cedar Point made a smart choice in building this ride which has been in the top two spots for best coaster since it opened in 2000 (that is why it is called MILLENNIUM Force). My rating is a ten out of ten.

Have you been on Millennium Force? What do you think? Leave a comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  1. This is a coaster for the non-coaster lover. I can’t take jittery, bone jarring rough coasters. Millennium is none of that, just smooth drops and turns over and over. Awesome, the best I’ve been on by far! Can’t wait to ride again!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Absolutely awesome. It is my favorite as well. Can’t get better than this!

  3. Matt P permalink

    This coaster is great! I love it. It is very unique and thrilling. From the elevator cable lift, to the 80 degree 300 foot drop, to the many overbanked turns, to the hills you fly over, to the tunnels, to the great scenery and spaced out layout; this is my favorite coaster and the best in the world(amusement today confirms). Millennium Force rocks!

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