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My Second Anniversary and Favorite Posts

February 5, 2013

Two years ago today, on February 5th 2011, I started the Coasterblog. If you really care, you can read more about the beginning here. I’ve published over 200 posts in this time, however there are some that stand out as my favorites. Here are my top ten favorite and most memorable posts from the past two years.

#10: SheiKra

I had to include this post because of its long history. It was the most read post of 2011, my first year. Before Millennium Force, this was my favorite coaster. Read SheiKra.

#9: El Toro

It’s no secret that I’ve become an El Toro fanatic since riding it last summer. One of the few coasters that I’ve ridden that gained a perfect 10 out of 10 review, the ride is insane. For some reason I am always referring to the post. Maybe it’s because I want a picture from it. Maybe it’s because I need to remember how fast it went. Most likely though, it’s because it is a great ride. Read El Toro.

#8: Legendary Coasters

A top ten list of coasters that have had the most influence on other rides. It includes famous rides such as The Beast, Coney Island Cyclone, Magnum Xl 200, and Big Bad Wolf. In fact, it’s the only list to ever gain a sequel (sort of) in the Most Legendary Newer Coasters. Read Legendary Coasters.

#7: X2

The reason that this is one of my top ten favorite posts is simple: it shows how different my writing style was when the blog was started (this was my second post.) It’s a great ride but my review is a bit confusing to read. Read X2

#6: X-Flight is Landing at Six Flags America

With only ten views, this is one of my least read posts. It does have an interesting story though. I normally only write one post per day however, I didn’t know that Six Flags would announce their new attractions when the day began. After they were announced, I couldn’t wait until the next day to write about X-Flight, the coolest looking of the new rides. I actually wrote this post while riding in a car in Chicago (the city where the ride would be built.) Read X-Flight is landing at Six Flags. Great America.

#5: Ninja at Six Flags over Georgia

The only 1 out of 10 coaster that I’ve ever ridden, Ninja was a horrible ride. However, I do like the review just because I kept on needing more derogatory adjectives to describe it. Again, it’s one of the first reviews that I wrote. Read Ninja.

#4:x Maverick

Maverick’s review is likely not too special to anyone else. The reason it has taken the #1 spot is because it was a year in the making. When I first rode maverick in 2010, I wasn’t impressed at all. However, everyone else seemed to love the ride. I pretty much promised myself that I wouldn’t write a review until I had ridden it again. When I did re-ride in 2011, my opinion changed drastically. Now it is one of my top ten coasters. Read Maverick.

#3: Top 10 New Coasters for 2012

So many great coasters opened last year that it was very difficult to narrow it down to a top ten. In the end though, the list covered just about all the rides that I was exited about. It became my most read post soon after its publishing, it still holds that title today. It is also my most commented upon post with ten comments. Read Top 10 New Coasters for 2012.

#2: Millennium Force

It was my very first post (which is why it’s so memorable.) It also takes the crown as longest review I’ve ever written. Because I hadn’t gotten my review format or writing style down yet, it is very different from practically everything I’ve written. Plus, it’s my favorite coaster on Earth, that’s got to count for something. Read Millennium Force.

#1: The 5 Best Ride Manufacturers

Here it is, my single favorite post ever. While some will find it surprising that this is my #1, that doesn’t change that it is. I was trying to find a good topic to write about when this idea popped into my mind. For some reason, not many people have written about it before and the subject of ride manufacturers is one of my favorites. It took me a while to write because I knew it needed to be interesting. After it was finally finished, it received a tremendous amount of views (for this site at least.) Because of all these factors, it is my favorite. Read The 5 Best Ride Manufacturers.

Honorable Mention:

Crazy Water Slides, Top Thrill Dragster, Early Leviathan Reviews, The Top Ten Rivalries In Theme Parks

So there you have it, my top ten. I’m sure some of these posts left you scratching your heads so I would like to hear from you what your favorite posts have been.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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