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February 5, 2011

X2, even the name makes you wonder what it is and what it does. Well I am here to tell you the coaster is a crazy one just like the name. X2 is a fourth dimension coaster (WHAT???) at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. That means that instead of normal seats that are above the track, X2 has seats that extend like wings of the sides of the cars. Ah yes, there is also one little detail that I haven’t mentioned yet: those wings flip forwards and backwards three hundred and sixty degrees. Originally the coaster was just called X and was not themed but in 2008 they gave it a new coat of paint, new trains with on board speakers, and pyrotechnics


Inside of the station is a voice chanting over and over “X2, X2, is everybody in, The ceremony is about to begin” it can get VERY annoying VERY quickly. Once in the seats we leave the station, heading backwards, around a large curve, we tilt back so that we are facing the sky for the lift which is very loud but you hardly notice it because we know what you are about to experience.

Once at the top a voice tells us that we are “high up”, and then we tilt forward so that we are facing straight down toward the ground before we actually start moving down. the drop is straight down and about halfway through we flip over so that we are right side up. Next  X2 takes us through the raven turn, which is a half loop but the trains move so that we never are upside down, however we are now facing forwards. Leaving the Raven in the dust we charge toward the airtime hill, while on the way up we make a quick flip. Next we navigate around a slow turn, not doing anything fancy, just sitting there. The ride picks up speed again dipping through a valley and into the Fly to Lie which is a half twist, the trains make a 180 too which is a weird feeling. By now we are letting our guard down so we don’t expect the fireball that shoots towards us at this time. The ride navigates a smaller raven turn and then through another Lie to Fly which leads to the brake run.

X2 is fun and I think that Six Flags made a good choice in renovating it from X to X2 although I like the name X more. All in all I think that it was a 10 out of 10 simply because it is an insane ride that is completely unique (the next closest one is in Japan).

Have you Ridden X2? What do you think about it? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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