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Do you have a suggestion for a coaster review? How can I make the site better? Or if you have questions just comment below. :-)

  1. Great site! Would you like to exchange links with two of my sites: and http:///

  2. Matt P permalink

    You should do a talon review if you rode it.

  3. Matt P permalink

    Do you have a track record of all the coasters you have ridden?

  4. I put mine up under my About page. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

    • Matt P permalink

      Cool. I just made my track record I think about a year ago. It is good to keep count! We are relatively close in track record, I have been on 80 total coasters.

      • Sorry, I forgot a few parks and now my count is 115.

        • Matt P permalink

          I am trying for X2 as my 100th, after going to SFOG this year and the new coasters at dorney and hershey, I will probrably be in the 90s as of coaster count. I am not sure if I am going to Magic Mountain in 2013, but if not my second choice was Kings Island and to make Diamondback my 100th, as I really want to ride that as well. Im not sure what I am doing yet.

  5. You’ve covered everything that I can think of.

  6. Let’s see… What about a page with your top 10 coasters? Or do you already have that?

  7. Marcia permalink

    Can you review Loch Ness Monster if you’ve ridden it?:)

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