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Other Sites

Coaster Facts:– The website for coaster facts and figures

Coaster News Sites: A site that covers many different topics– A well-rounded website that is updated daily– An online community magazine A social bookmarking site for theme park fans

Forums and Message Boards:– The largest forum about coasters– A large forum with a lot of news– A forum with its own podcast

Blogs About Coasters:– A blog for coaster enthusiasts especially those who are interested in the designs and mechanics of rides.– A blog that details everything in the world of Californian theme parks and coasters.– A well-rounded site with a lot of articles– A blog with many of videos of coasters from his travels around the world.– A blog with lots of coaster news.– Another blog with lots of coaster articles– An enthusiast’s blog about coasters– A large website that is one enthusiasts opinions on anything coaster related– A blog about Six Flags Magic Mountain, for some reason the name sounds familiar

Coaster Photography: – The largest selection of coaster related photos on the web

Do you know of or own a great coaster related site? If so please comment! Thanks for reading!

  1. piedude81 permalink

    Hey, could you post my website, on that list? It feature roller coasters and more.

  2. GuiFolgueira permalink

    Theme park review is missing!

  3. Could you add my site, to this page please? I’ve already added your site to mine.

  4. Thanks for including my blog! I have yours on my “Other Sites” page!

  5. Are you a roller coaster loving Cedar Point fan? Then you need to see my blog: It’s PointBlog! An ultimate site for roller coaster loving Cedar Point fans! Complete with news, updates, reviews, ride rumors, profiles, polls, webcams, photos, videos, and much more, it’s time for you to explore!

  6. Jonathan permalink

    Hey Coasterguy! Do you mind changing my blog address from “” to “”? My blog recently moved.

    I just thought of another site that you should add:

  7. Hey Coaster Guy!

    Would you mind posting our website too? it is.
    We will share yours on our website!

    Yours sincerely,
    California Coaster Kings.

  8. What about ? It isn’t actually my forum, but I am a member there.;)

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