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Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City Review

June 24, 2013

When Silver Dollar City announced Outlaw Run, their new coaster for 2013, I, like everyone else, was amazed. It broke numerous world records including steepest drop of a wooden coaster and first woody since Son of Beast to include inversions. Of course, we were all excited to see how it would turn out. Ladies and Gentlemen, Outlaw Run does not disappoint.

The main story of Outlaw Run is this: you are a passenger on a stagecoach which has been attacked many times. In order to stop these attacks, the stagecoach company has decided to use really fast horses to try and outrun the outlaws.

There is heavy theming inside the station. Even the ride operators have special uniforms. After riders hop into the trains which were custom-made by Rock Mountain Coasters, they’re off. The lift hill is especially fast for a wooden coaster but you still get time to look around at Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. At the top, there is a small dip before the first drop. It is the last breath before the madness begins.

The first drop is excellent, the airtime is especially great in the back seat (airtime moment #1.) As the train dives into a ravine, it reaches sixty-eight miles-per-hour before flying up into the Outside Banked Turn. This was the element that first got people interested when the ride was still under construction and it is just as insane as it looks. My recommendation, sit on the left side of the train to get some insane airtime on the transition into the turn (airtime moment #2.)

The train turns around like there’s no tomorrow and jumps over a twisting airtime hill (airtime moment #3) and dives into another ravine. Being Outlaw Run, the train doesn’t stay there long before flying up another airtime hill (airtime moment #4.) One of the surprise elements of the ride was the overbanked turn under the lift hill. There are some nice headchoppers and there is even more airtime on the drop after the turn (airtime moment #5.)

The element that I was most curious about wasn’t one of the inversions, but actually the Wave Turn. It sort of looks like a hill but the track is turned ninety degrees to the right, you can see a picture here. If you had your eyes closed, you really woudn’t be able to tell that you’re sideways. There is good ejector airtime on it though (airtime moment #6.) There is a small hill that follows this which has just about the most insane airtime on the ride (airtime moment #7.)

This leads us into the finale and the thing that everyone was talking about, the double barrel roll. Each of the twists is different, the first one is traveled at a fast pace but still has some hang time (airtime moment #8,) the second is much slower, especially in the back seat (airtime moment #9.) From there, the train glides onto the brake run, safe from the outlaws.

Here’s a POV of Outlaw Run:

Outlaw Run is insane. All the elements work perfectly together and there is no moment to catch your breath. After riding it eight times though, I couldn’t decide whether to give it a nine or a perfect ten. I finally decided that if I am having to debate this hard about it, that in itself should keep it from the perfect score. It is really, really close though. It has made it in my top ten list at #9. It beat out Top Thrill Dragster as the closest ride to a ten. If I gave out 9.5 ratings, Outlaw Run would get it.


Have you ridden Outlaw Run? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading!



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  1. Mariano Scotti permalink

    thank you for your mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bob permalink

    Hey, great review! What was your favorite part of the ride overall; also, how oes its airtime compare to coasters like El Toro?

    • Thanks, my personal favorite part of the ride would probably have to be the Outside Banked Turn right after the first drop. It’s such a unique element that is so different from anything I’ve ever ridden before. The whole ride is great though.
      The airtime is about as strong as El Toro’s but there isn’t as much and it isn’t sustained for as long as El Toro’s either. I can’t really compare it to anything else, I haven’t really ridden too many great wooden coasters. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      • bob permalink

        Thanks for the reply! How exactly does that 153-banked turn ride? In the YouTube videos I saw, even both Fred Grubb said that it was his favorite part of the ride, and Alan Shlike reported that he thought is was even more thrilling than the double barrel roll at the end. And then some people said that it was an average moment of the ride and felt exactly like entering the barrel roll, while others like the Coastercritic said that it was easily one of the highlights of the ride. So my question, what does this element feel like, and what makes it so special?

        Also, I love this blog! It’s very well maintained, and I’d recommend it to anyone! 😀

        • Well, the first half of the turn feels like a zero-g roll, but the second half has lots of sideways forces along with airtime. I guess the best comparison to anything else would be the twisting turns on Maverick (if you’ve ridden it) The thing that makes it special is its uniqueness, once more are built it will sadly become less special.
          Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  3. Just had to ride it again last week after riding it for the 1st time a month ago. I’ve rode several hundred across the country over a 25 year span and this thing tops just about all. Exceptionally smooth and fast for a woody with a smorgasbord of bends . . and a kind of reckless (but safe) feeling. A ride that should already be well up into the top 100 coaster list, and would be if it were in Florida or at a Cedar Point.

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