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Unique Coasters: Winjas

January 16, 2013

Unique Coasters is a type of post where I highlight a certain coaster that is unique. They aren’t necessarily the largest or most insane coasters but they are all one of a kind. Winjas is a pair of dueling, indoor, spinning coasters at Phantasialand in Germany.

The Ride:

Because it is indoors, Winjas’ layout can be hard to decipher. Both tracks use elevator lifts to reach the highest point in the track. While the ride is rising, the cars tilt forward to connect to the track at the top. After a drop, both sides navigate tight turns before a large helix around a Vekoma drop tower. At the final set of block brakes, the track tips again. One track teeters forwards and backwards, the other tilts sideways. After navigating a few more turns the track reaches the station.

Why is it unique?

Well, Winjas has extremely elaborate theming. The ride is made to look like it takes place in an underground city called Wuze Town. Also, there are few, if any, other spinning coasters that duel. Aside from that, it is indoors and the track has all of those special tricks.

You can see other pictures of Winjas at the RCDB.

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What do you think? Do you know of another unique coaster? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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