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Batman: The Dark Knight at Six Flags New England

December 12, 2012

Hey everyone, sorry for not having written much of anything in the last month. I’ve been busy and that there haven’t been many interesting news stories. Hopefully I’ll be posting more often from now on.

Batman: The Dark Knight is a coaster at Six Flags New England in Massachusetts. It is one of the smallest B&M floorless rides out there.

I requested a seat in the front row but the ride attendant made me sit in the back row. The reason that I mention this is that floorless coasters can have vastly different ride experiences depending on where one sits. Generally they are smoother up front.

The ride starts with a quickly ascended lift hill. A curving drop leads into the first inversion. The first few inversions are pretty standard for a floorless ride, a vertical loop and a dive loop. Next comes a curve that flies through the center of the first loop. After that comes a zero-g roll. There is a pair of interlocked corkscrews before the brakes.

While Batman: The Dark Knight was fun, it was very short and not exactly smooth. I am giving it a 7 out of 10.


Have you ridden Batman: The Dark Knight? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂





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  1. Matt P. permalink

    Nice site transformation! I have ridden this. I waited more than an hour to get on it! Although not worth the wait, it was a fun ride and I recount it as being smooth (I sat near the front). It was strange how short the lift hill was and that it went straight up instead of doing the usual turn or prelift section B&M floorless coasters usually do.

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