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S&S’s New Ride Concepts

November 14, 2012

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Convention (IAAPA for short) is this week. It is a massive conference where different ride manufacturers and parks show off their new attraction concepts. Some of the amusement ride titans such as B&M, Intamin, and GCI have booths at the convention. IAAPA also allows up-and-coming designers to get their product ideas out there.

S&S Worldwide, the creators of the Thrust Air and El Loco coasters, have unveiled a whole boatload of new ride concepts this year.


First up is the new type of 4th Dimension coaster. It looks a lot like the Intamin Zac Spins at first but it turns out that the coaster will use magnets to flip the cars instead of the vehicles being completely free spinning. That’s one thing that I’ve heard about the Intamin 4th Dimension coasters, they don’t flip enough. This new model should help with that problem.


The next concept is a continuation of the Free Fly rides. The seats can flip sideways. It seems kind of close to, though not quite as insane as, the 6th Dimension Coaster that I posted about a while ago. Each car will have eight total seats, four on each side, two on each side facing forwards, and two on each side facing backwards. The Free Flys have low capacity so S&S is hoping to get the number of riders up with this new concept.

Yet another new form of attraction that the company has invented is an observation tower that is multiple rides in one structure. Because many parks are tight on space, they don’t have the room to build a full-scale roller coaster. These towers would only take up the small ground space of a carousel.One that they’ve come up with is called the Polar Coaster. It is a tower that could hold an observation deck or dark ride at the top (serviced by two glass elevators) with an El Loco coaster spiraling down and around the outside.

Other than that Kevin Rowher, the CEO of S&S hinted at a new coaster in the works that would break the speed record!

You can watch Theme Park Review’s coverage of IAAPA below, the first eleven minutes is an interview with S&S. After that they talk to the CEO of Herschend Entertainment (the owners of Silver Dollar City), Rocky Mountain coasters and more!

What do you think? Which new ride design do you think looks like the best? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂




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