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Bad Roller Coasters: Goudurix

October 28, 2012

Bad Roller Coasters is a new type of post about, you guessed it, bad roller coasters.  Each post I will showcase one coaster that has an awful reputation. I thought I’d do this first post on Goudurix at Parc Astérix in Friance.

The Ride:

Goudurix was the world’s first roller coaster to flip riders upside down seven times. The ride’s lift hill is 118 feet high with a drop of 108 feet. The first two inversions are both part of a butterfly double inversion, so far there have only been two roller coasters with this element: Goudurix and Ninja at Six Flags over Georgia. Next is a Batwing, this type of double inversion is more common, found on coasters like Montu. After that is a vertical loop. To finish off the ride there is a set of double corkscrews.

Why is it Bad?

Goudurix is known for being a very rough ride. In fact, I’ve heard some call it the roughest roller coaster in the world. This extreme headbanging is most likely caused from the rides inversions. Look at that butterfly (pictured above) does it appear to be an element that was made for humans? It also looks like something was done wrong with the Batwing inversions (pictured below.)

I hadn’t noticed all the similarities between Goudurix and Ninja before. Some features that both rides have in common are:

  • They are both situated over water.
  • They both have a Butterfly element.
  • They are both made by Vekoma.
  • They both opened the same year.

Ninja happens to be my least favorite coaster so, with all these similarities, I’ll believe that Goudurix is painful.

What do you think? What are some other bad coasters? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    What is it with coasters over water being rough? Anaconda at KD is one of the roughest and most painful coasters I’ve ever ridden and it is over water. Yet Loch Ness Monster is over water and it is very smooth. I’m not sure if it makes a difference. P.S. nice site transformation.

    • I guess its just something with Vekoma coasters. The Incredible Hulk’s another coaster that’s over water yet isn’t rough.

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