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Theme Park Competition: Busch Gardens Tampa vs. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

October 24, 2012

Theme Park Competitions are a new type of post where I compare and contrast two theme parks. They are a lot like my Coaster Competitions but on a larger scale. For this post, two of the most acclaimed theme parks will battle it out for the title of the best Busch Gardens park. Busch Gardens Tampa is known for its wonderful ability to combine a zoo with a theme park. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is known for its incredible landscaping, its rides are very highly rated too.


Busch Gardens Tampa is situated in the middle of a suburban area. From inside the park it is impossible to tell because of all the landscaping. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located in the hills of Virginia. There are several rivers that run through the park. The winner here is Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Family Friendliness:

Last time I had a theming section but I thought that a park being family friendly would be more important that its theming. Busch Gardens Williamsburg features a few family rides. The most notable is The Curse of DarKastle, its the same ride type as the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman at Islands of Adventure but with a medieval theme. There are also three children’s areas, each for a different age group. Busch Gardens Tampa also has a few family rides, the most notable would be the Jungala area. There is another family area as well as a few other attractions. It’s a tough choice but I’ll have to say that Busch Gardens Williamsburg wins this round too.


By far the most important aspects of a park, roller coasters are the things that people travel from all over the world to ride. I’ll list out each park’s coasters (kiddie coasters don’t count) and list them as I would probably rate them on a scale of 1 to 10.

Busch Gardens Tampa

  • Cheetah Hunt – 8
  • Gwazi – 6
  • Kumba – 8
  • Montu – 9
  • Sand Serpent – 4
  • Scorpion – 6
  • SheiKra – 9

Total for Busch Gardens Tampa: 50

Average for Busch Gardens Tampa: 7.14

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

  • Alpengeist – 9
  • Apollo’s Chariot – 10
  • Griffon – 8
  • Loch Ness Monster – 5
  • Verbolten – 7

Total for Busch Gardens Williamsburg: 39

Average for Busch Gardens Williamsburg: 7.8

Wow, I wasn’t expecting Busch Gardens Williamsburg to beat Busch Gardens Tampa in every category (that is, if you are looking for average coaster rating not the total) I honestly don’t know which park was my favorite, they are both excellent parks that are worth multiple visits.

What do you think? Which park should have won? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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  1. Lil' Rider permalink

    I agree that Busch Gardens Williamsburg is more family friendly. I rode DarKastle 3 times (I rode it with you!) and I liked it a lot. At Busch Gardens Tampa There is jungala and I love that to.

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