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Theme Park Competition: Cedar Point vs. Six Flags Magic Mountain

September 4, 2012


Theme Park Competitions are a new type of post where I compare and contrast two theme parks. They are a lot like my Coaster Competitions but on a larger scale. For this first competition I thought it might be interesting to see who would win in that age-old debate about Cedar Point vs. Six Flags Magic Mountain. Both are excellent parks that have held the record for most coasters within the past couple of years. Six Flags Magic Mountain is known for its extreme rides, their insane arsenal of thrills includes just about every type of coaster out there. Cedar Point is known for breaking records, they’ve held the title of world’s tallest coaster at least four times over the years.


Cedar Point is situated on a peninsula in Lake Erie. This location makes the park very picturesque. Six Flags Magic Mountain, as the name implies, is located on top of a mountain in California. Surrounding the park are more hills and suburbs. While Magic Mountain may be more accessible I prefer Cedar Point’s lakeside location.


While it may seem strange to have a theming category in a Theme Park Competition, sometimes theΒ  thing that makes parks fun is their theming (For example: The Magic Kingdom is situated in a swamp without many thrilling rides yet it is still an excellent park because of theming.) Six Flags Magic Mountain’s large rides are mostly themed. Goliath is in a jungle, Tatsu is in a Japanese pagoda etc. Cedar Point however, hasn’t themed many of their rides. Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick are the only two major coasters that have much theming. Maybe Gatekeeper will help the Point when it opens next year but for now Six Flags Magic Mountain has the best theming.


By far the most important aspects of a park, roller coasters are the things that people travel from all over the world to ride. I’ll list out each park’s coasters (kiddie coasters don’t count) and list them as I would probably rate them on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • Blue Streak- 7
  • Cedar Creek Mine Ride- 5
  • Corkskrew-4
  • Gemini- 7
  • Iron Dragon- 7
  • Magnum XL 200- 8
  • Mantis- 4
  • Maverick- 10
  • Mean Streak- 3
  • Millennium Force- 10
  • Raptor- 9
  • Top Thrill Dragster- 9
  • Wicked Twister- 7

Total for Cedar Point: 90

Average for Cedar Point: 6.92

  • Apocalypse: the Ride- 7
  • Batman: the Ride- 6
  • Colossus- 5
  • Gold Rusher- 5
  • Goliath- 7
  • Green Lantern: First Flight- 7
  • Ninja- 6
  • Revolution- 6
  • Riddler’s Revenge- 7
  • Scream!- 7
  • Superman: Escape from Krypton- 6
  • Tatsu- 10
  • Viper- 7
  • X2- 10

Total for Six Flags Magic Mountain: 96

Average for Six Flags Magic Mountain: 6.86

That was closer than I expected! All in all Magic Mountain has 14 large coasters whereas Cedar Point only has 13. This means that if you want the most overall you should head to California. Cedar Point had a higher average per coaster though, this means that although Magic Mountain has more, Cedar Point has better coasters. Who wins this category? I’ll leave it up to you to decide which park should win.

I love both of these parks, they both have excellent coasters.

What do you think? Which park should have won? Please comment. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚




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  1. Nice analysis. I’ve been meaning to do something similar it just takes so much time. Good post!

    • Thanks, it did take a while but I enjoyed writing about it. Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

  2. Ryan permalink

    first all you missed 2 major roller coasters at cedar point when you posted this but one of those coasters is getting repalced by a new awesome one ! one you missed is the Mine ride i would rate a 6 or 7 and diaster transport id rate a 7 but diaster trasport is being replaced and the new one will probably be rated 9 or 10 for sure ! Hope you dont question me because i live 90 mins from there and go every year !

    • Actually, I include the Mine Ride, its official name is Cedar Creek Mine Ride and it is the second ride listed. Disaster Transport was already closed when I wrote this so it wasn’t included. I’ll possibly get to ride Gatekeeper later this year so we’ll see how it turns out, it looks cool.

  3. Nice “Theme Park Competition” idea! Mind if I do something like that?

  4. cedarpointhardcorefan permalink

    Good process. I like how CP won. lol

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