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The Best of No Limits

September 1, 2012

No Limits is a program that allows users to design and ride their own roller coaster. It is somewhat similar to how actual manufacturers create their rides. Here are some videos of what are, in my opinion, some of the best No Limits coasters (in no particular order).


Aeris is a heavily themed Intamin Mega Lite. It even comes with a story:

Welcome to a world quite unlike our own. A world full of wonder and adventure just waiting for you to go and discover. Airships and submarines replace cars and planes in a place that magic is not a myth, but an everyday occurrence. All this powered by the discovery of the legendary ether, Aeris. A ‘fifth element’, higher than earth, wind, water and fire, Aeris can be harnessed for all sorts of unbelievable experiences. We invite you down to the Sky-port to experience a brand new mecha-vehicle that utilises the power in an all new, insane kind of way!

The ride itself takes place in a section of a theme park that is themed to look like a port town. Here’s a POV:

Download Aeris


Corsair is themed to pirates and buried treasure. It is a twisted B&M Mega Coaster. Here’s a POV:


Gaia is an Intamin launched coaster. It is possibly my favorite No Limits themed coaster because everything is excellent. From the coaster itself to the theming. Here’s a POV:

Download Gaia

Typhon’s Rage

Typhon’s Rage is the first coaster on this list that isn’t heavily themed. It is a giant Rocky Mountain Iron Horse coaster. Here’s a POV:

These are not all of the great No Limits coasters out there (thankfully). There are many more out there for you to find!

What do you think? What is your favorite No Limits Track? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Mariano Scotti permalink

    thanks so much for the mail, but i have to be honest: i dont personally like to watch videos of coasters they dont really exist….. Too far fetch…. thank you hust the same !

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