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Coaster Competition: Alpengeist vs. Montu

August 26, 2012


Coaster Competitions are pretty much the same as the Coaster Critic’s Coaster Showdowns (I get a lot of ideas from his site). I will compare and contrast two coasters that are alike in one way or another. Alpengeist and Montu are both B&M inverted coasters at Busch Gardens parks. Alpengeist is in Williamsburg, Montu is in Tampa. They are both known as being excellent coasters.


Alpengeist is themed to a giant snow monster that lives in the European Alps. The station looks like a ski lodge and there are skis attached to the backs of each car on the coaster’s trains. There is fake snow all around the second half of Alpengeist that comes surprisingly close to rider’s feet. Montu is an Egyptian god of war. The entire station and line is themed with hieroglyphs. The coaster track often dives into trenches that look like Egyptian ruins. Montu wins this round even though Alpengeist’s theming is excellent.


I’ve already mentioned Montu’s trenches. The ride is situated right next to the parking lot which kind of takes away the effect. Alpengeist is in the middle of Busch Gardens Williamsburg so there is no parking lot in sight. The ride dives into a ravine and rides over a river. The winner here is Alpengeist.


Alpengeist is taller and faster than Montu. Its first drop is three-quarters of a spiral. The six inversions include a giant Immelmann Loop, a Vertical Loop, and a Cobra Roll. Montu is the only inverted coaster with seven inversions. It includes a Vertical Loop, an Immelmann Loop, a Zero-G Roll, and a unique Batwing. It is very close but I like Montu’s layout a little bit more.

Montu is the winner! I love these coasters and gave them both a 9 out of 10.

You can read my review of Montu here.

You can read my review of Alpengeist here.

What do you think? Should Alpengeist have won? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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  1. Matt P permalink

    Good comparison. I’ve only been on Alpengeist, and it was fun but a bit rough in some parts. The theming was stellar. Montu looks very good. The batwing looks awesome and the trenches seem cool. Really want to ride it!

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