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Unique Coasters: The Incredible Hulk at Island’s of Adventure

August 22, 2012


Unique Coasters is a type of post where I highlight a certain coaster that is unique. They aren’t necessarily the largest or most insane coasters but they are all one of a kind. The Incredible Hulk is a B&M launched coaster at Islands of Adventure in Orlando.

The Ride:

The Hulk starts with its most unique element, an inclined launch into a Zero-G Roll. A gigantic Cobra Roll and Vertical Loop follow this. There is a strange helix around the lift/launch before a diving corkscrew. The rest of the ride is a massive tangle of track that includes two more inversions. You can read my review of the Hulk here.

Why is it unique?

The ride’s launch is the most unique part of the coaster. It was the first attraction to use a tire propelled launch. It was the first coaster to launch at an incline and also the first to launch into an inversion (lots of firsts.) Universal collaborated with B&M to make the launch as frightening as it could be. They specially made the wheels and track so that when the ride was running it sounded like a monstrous roar. You really can hear it all over the park! While the second half of the ride might not be that unique the first half definitely is.

You can see other pictures of The Incredible Hulk at the RCDB.

You can see other Unique Coasters posts here.

What do you think? Do you know of another unique coaster? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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