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Removing Rides for New Coasters

August 6, 2012


Theme Parks don’t have all the space that they sometimes need to build a new coaster. In these cases there are two things that they can do, either change their plans, or remove whatever is in the way. Here are some famous examples of when this was used:

Six Flags Great Adventure: Viper taken out for El Toro

Usually there are enthusiasts who complain whenever a coaster is demolished. However, Viper was known to be a painful ride so there weren’t many people who were angry with its removal. El Toro on the other hand is an excellent ride. It is one of the most loved coasters in the world. Vipers station was actually saved after the ride was demolished and is still in use for El Toro.

Do you think it was a good trade?


Cedar Point: Disaster Transport taken out for New 2013 Coaster

Disaster Transport was an indoor bobsled coaster. The ride included some special effects like fog and lights. Cedar Point has announced that they are closing it possibly to make way for a new coaster next year. This new ride is suspected to be the largest B&M Wing Rider yet.

Do you think it will be a good trade?


Many Parks: Water Ride for Roller Coaster

When large parks want to open a major roller coaster they often choose a water ride to take out. Purecoaster talks about this in Water Ride Removal Thoughts. I’ve only been on a few flumes in my life, I generally skip them for the larger coasters. I am usually fine when parks remove a water ride to create something bigger (I’m actually glad that Cedar Point’s White Water Landing was removed to create Maverick.)

Overall I think parks know what they are doing when they swap out one ride for another.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂




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  1. Matt P permalink

    Removing viper and putting in El Toro is one of the best things SFGAdv has done. They got rid of a useless ride and put in an awesome record breaking and beloved wooden coaster. Another popular SFGAdv removal is the removal of the old rough arrow looper Great American Scream Machine and replaced it with the also rough and painful to the legs B&M standup Green Lantern. This is one of the most controversial removals. I dislike both the removed ride and the replacement. Although Scream Machine’s headbanging was much worse than Green Lantern’s, at least on scream machine you are sitting down and your legs don’t hurt. So which is better? Minor headbanging and severe leg pain or major headbanging and no leg pain? At least on scream machine the headbanging is only on the loops and the first drop is fun and not painful. On Green Lantern there is leg pain on almost every part of the ride. I am still not really sure which I like better. And a perfect example for the removal of water rides for coasters is the removal of log jammer at SFMM for the supposed 2013 coaster.

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