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August 4, 2012



Alpengeist is a coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It is the world’s tallest, continuous circuit, inverted ride at 195 feet. It is somewhat similar to Montu at the other Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Alpengeist’s station is themed to look like a ski lodge. The trains have skis and poles attached to the backs of the cars. The lift hill allows riders to take a look around the park and notice the treetops getting further and further away from their feet. The first drop spirals downward and levels out above a river. An enormous Immelmann inversion comes next. This element is one of the most graceful of any coaster. A vertical loop follows this. There is a straight section of track through a tunnel and into the Cobra Roll. This double inversion is the roughest part of the ride.

After the Cobra Roll there is a short brake run before Alpengeist dives under a covered bridge. A fun Zero-G Roll comes next followed closely by a corkscrew. A tight helix finishes of the ride.

Alpengeist is a great ride! It keeps its intensity up throughout the entire layout. I’m glad I rode it more than once though because my first ride wasn’t too impressing. I am giving it a 9 out of 10.

Have you ridden Alpengeist? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂




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  1. Matt P permalink

    Alpengeist was fun but my legs hurt so bad on that thing! It must have been the amount of force and pressure exerted on my legs hanging down and the fast speed. Also, the headbanging on the cobra roll and before the MCBR is pretty bad. Besides those it is a good ride though it is hard to tolerate the forces on my legs throughout the entire ride. It is very thrilling and exciting though.

  2. Marcia permalink

    I rode Alpengeist on Sunday (Oct 13) in the 5th row.
    It was my first time riding it and these were my thoughts: That lift hill is LOUD. Very loud. The first drop is fun, but not as ‘crazy’ as my friend told me it was. Maybe it’s more ‘crazy’ up front, IDK. The inversions are cool (I especially like the cobra roll). (Something goofy: It’s probably not weird if you’re a grownup, but if you’re just a kid like me, don’t yell ‘Here’s the cobra roll!’ when it’s coming. I did and somebody behind us said ‘Yup!’ and other people were like ‘What is that girl talking about?!’ Um…oops!;) But I like being weird sometimes, so IDC.:)) It’s funny to be looking right at sky with nothing between your feet and the sky.
    In my opinion, it’s not really rough, but I did bang my head once pretty hard shortly after the cobra roll; I’m not sure exactly what element it was, though. (The curve? The zero-g roll?) I do know it was definitely NOT actually during the cobra roll though.
    I definitely enjoyed the ride, but it didn’t make me go ‘WOW!!’ or anything. It’s #5 on my Faves List; after Kraken and before Loch Ness Monster. I think I need to try the front row; something’s telling me it’s alot better there.:)

    My rating: 8/10 (Either I rode in a not-that-great spot or I was over-expecting something, IDK.:))

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