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Six Flags Employees

August 3, 2012

Six Flags America always seems to be forgotten. The last new coaster that they opened up was Batwing in 2001, Apocalypse doesn’t count since it has been open for 20 years at Six Flags Great America. While the park doesn’t have many great rides there is one thing that really surprised me when I visited in May. The staff was excellent, up there with the Busch Gardens parks.

Superman Ride of Steel

While waiting outside the gates for the park to open the employees had fun interacting with the guests. At Superman: Ride of Steel the ride operator let me ride twice in the back row, I didn’t even have to leave the station. All throughout the day the staff was this good.

I went to Six Flags Great Adventure a few days later and the staff was also really good. Not quite as awesome as Six Flags America but still much better that I expected. The Nitro operators were especially exiting.

I was beginning to think that Six Flags might have changed, then I went to Six Flags New England. Bizarro was running two trains but it might as well have been running one. They wouldn’t start checking your restraints until the other train was on the brake run. Then it took them another full minute to check them.

Batman - The Dark Knight roller coaster in Six...

The ride operators for Batman-The Dark Knight, a B&M floorless coaster, wouldn’t let us sit in the front seat even when we said that we would wait for it. After paying the admission to the parks and waiting in line in the sun, guests should be allowed to request their own row.

I just wanted to write this to congratulate Six Flags America, the forgotten park, on their excellent guest service. On the other hand though, Six Flags New England, the park with an award-winning steel coaster, had some of the worst employees at any park that I’ve ever been to.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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  1. J.Lane permalink

    Hello Everyone,
    This is just some food for thought:
    We are in a recession and Six Flags (as well as other business) seem to be getting back on track. See the comments about “The Rattler” at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Before, during, and after my employment there; I had and still have a passion for that coaster and is what I mentally call ‘My Coaster’ (Haha)! Even while employed at Disney I would go there to ride it! Money problems are everywhere and it affects us all. It just seems to roll down hill to every person as well as companies. If we don’t visit these parks how are they going to keep improving. The parks base their (ride) improvements on what we ride. At the turnstiles; they counts us all as we prepare to get on board.
    Now as guest in the parks:
    Relations should be a two way street between Guest and Employee. A positive comment or handshake from a Guest to an Employee could change that person’s outlook and could eventually get them to thinking about their job and just maybe lead them into management someday. A lot of employees in those parks are still in high school, or college so their adult social skills are just developing. We might just be at their threshold! As employees ourselves at our own business or job could be having an off day; it just happens for some reason or another. We can just tell when an employee is having a bad day. I always like thank the employee for helping me no matter what. I feel that positive comments and expressions could change that person daily mission.
    So lets all go ride and have fun with them!

  2. Matt P. permalink

    I love six flags employees! Especially at Six Flags Great Adventure. Six Flags Over Georgia’s employees are great as well. Six Flags New England’s employees were pretty good, I don’t remember much, but they didn’t blow me away like SFGAdv and SFOG’s. Anyway, what I love about Great Adventure’s employees are that they are very fun and friendly. I love that the ride operators actually talk to you and ask how your ride is, unlike some other parks that just put on a pre-recorded “We hope you enjoyed your ride.” And the ride operators are fun and friendly saying “All clear means you’re outta here enjoy your ride on _______.” They are also nice and helpful. At Over Georgia, employees informed guests to stay hydrated and that water is free and they really go out of their way to help you (same as great adventure). They have fun slogans too. At over georgia they say “If you’re ready to ride say Oooh yeah!” and at New England they say “woop woop”. And they also say ride specific slogans for their assigned rides such as “Ole” for el toro, etc. Overall, I love six flags employees and I think they are the best amusement park employees around.

    • Six Flags’ employees are getting better I guess! The last time I went to Six Flags over Georgia they were pretty bad, I heard that they even launched a Georgia Scorcher train without checking the restraints. So this summer was surprising when Six Flags America had excellent staff members. Disney employees are my favorites because they are always nice and help with everything. I’ve heard that Holiday World is supposed to be really good too. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. sheldon wheeler permalink

    Just came back from 3 day vacation at Six Flags New England with the family. August 5, 6, 7 of 2012. Here are my impressions:
    1. Overall the rides and the staff were phenomenal.
    2. As a newbie, the crowds were overwhelming on Sunday, much better on Monday and Tuesday. Paying an extra $130 for a ‘fast pass’ seemed like highway robbery. Clearly not worth it on the weekday.
    3. On Sunday the staff person at the Houdini ride was awful, hostile, and downright rude–actually yelling at one of the guests–who was a bit nervous and clearly a mentally challenged individual.
    4. On Monday the staffer at the same ride was terrific. Also, the Ben and Jerries concession staffer was so good I tried to tip him and he refused. Despite spending $25 on 4 ice creams!
    5. Bizarro was awesome, however i pulled some mussels in my back…hurt bad for several days. I’m tall 6’4″, and barely fit into the seat…i think the height restriction should be lowered to 6’3″ at least.

    • I’m very happy to hear that your visit was fun. Maybe I just caught the park on a bad day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an employee yelling at a guest though. It sounds like you had a good time despite that one staff member. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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