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Unforgettable Coaster Moments: Top Thrill Dragster in the Dark

August 1, 2012


In this new type of post I will write about moments on certain coasters that I will never forget. My first ride on Top Thrill Dragster was at 9:50 pm, just before Cedar Point closed. The ride hadn’t been open all day because of technical difficulties so I had waited until the very end to ride it.

I was sitting in the second row, right side. At the top of the tower I could see the lights of the park below. The airtime of the drop plus the darkness combined to make an extreme ride. I’ve ridden Top Thrill Dragster eight times since then but this ride was the best.

You can read my Top Thrill Dragster review here.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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