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The Most Controversial Coasters

July 30, 2012


Not everyone agrees on which coasters are excellent. There are quite a few rides that have mixed reviews. Here are some of the most controversial.

The Beast

The Beast is possibly the most controversial coaster ever. There are some riders who think it is an excellent coaster. With its mile-and-a-half long track it is possible to do a lot. Others say that it is excessively rough and not fun at all.

My Opinion: I think that The Beast is an awesome ride, it was my favorite wooden coaster for almost two years. I didn’t notice the roughness when I rode it.


Millennium Force

Millennium Force has won the Golden Ticket Award for best steel coaster six times. It is many enthusiast’s favorite coaster. At first glance it doesn’t seem to controversial but many coaster enthusiasts don’t like it. They claim that the large hills don’t give any airtime and that the ride is mostly just about speed.

My Opinion: I am one of those that thinks Millennium Force is the best coaster. I found there to be airtime on each hill.


Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Goliath is another one of those coasters that some think is amazing. The positive reviewers say that it provides excellent forces throughout the entire ride and has excellent views. Negative reviewers say that it doesn’t have any airtime and the helixes at the end are painful.

My Opinion: I am one of the negative reviewers. Goliath had too many positive Gs and not enough negative ones.


Honorable Mentions: Bizarro at Six Flags New England, Intimidator 305, X2

What do you think? What other Controversial coasters do you know of? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂




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  1. I’m glad you put down Intimidator 305 as an honourable mention, there was so much online banter regarding the trims on that ride!

  2. Matt P permalink

    Good list. I would say Nitro is also controversial. It is the 3rd best steel coaster in the world voted by amusement today but some people (coaster critic is one of them) say Nitro is over rated and doesn’t deliver enough airtime. I got alot of airtime and I love Nitro. Also I think Kingda Ka is controversial because some people love the intense experience and some say it’s a one trick pony and not a quality ride. I am in the middle about ka. I like the intensity, but it isn’t a good quality ride and has too short of a layout.

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