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Unique Coasters: Volcano, the Blast Coaster at King’s Dominion

July 9, 2012

Unique Coasters is a type of post where I highlight a certain coaster that is unique. They aren’t necessarily the largest or most insane coasters but they are all one of a kind. Volcano is a unique inverted coaster at King’s Dominion.

The Ride

Volcano starts with a blast into the man-made mountain. After the first launch there is a large curve that turns the trains around for another launch. This second blast rockets riders to 70 MPH and then the track goes vertical. The ride emerges from the top of the Volcano upside-down, 155 feet above the ground. There is a quick rollover before another turn. The first heartline roll comes next. There are a more turns and two other heartline rolls before the ride dives back into the mountain and onto the drop.

Why is it unique?

Volcano was the first continuous circuit coaster to use more than one launch. It was also the first inverted coaster to be launched. It is placed inside a giant volcano that sometimes spews fire out the top. The first inversion is a Roll Out and is one of a kind. I’ve heard that the heartline rolls that finish off the ride are fun too. Volcano is a very unique coaster.

You can see other pictures of Volcano on the RCDB.

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I couldn’t find a legal POV of Volcano so here is an off ride video of it:

What do you think? Do you know of another unique coaster? Please comment. Thanks for reading! :-)


  1. Matt P permalink

    Volcano is awesome. It is my favorite inverted coaster, and my 10th favorite coaster overall. It is very thrilling and fun while also being silky smooth through all of the inversions as well. There was no headbanging or pain at all on the ride. It was so great that I actually liked it better than I305. By the way, I am surprised you couldn’t find a legal pov. I looked on youtube and coasterforce has three povs of volcano. Coasterforce always asks for permission before filming and are recognized professionals. They are in my opinion the best pov video shooters out there.

    • I’m glad you love Volcano, its one of those coasters that everyone seems to like. Hmm, I didn’t know that Coasterforce’s POVs were legal since they were handheld.

      • Matt P permalink

        Alot of other people think the same that handheld povs aren’t legal. Coasterforce gets many comments asking if they get kicked out or in trouble for filming. Coasterforce always replies back saying that they always ask for permission. Plus, i think many of the povs are filmed at private ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) and special Coasterforce events.

  2. I know for a fact that CoasterForce doesnt get permission to film POVs the only time there legit vidoes is for media day which those are pretty much provided by the park. EastCoasterGeneral films for CoasterForce and they had to take down all there Cedar Point videos cause they did it without permission and also they had to take down their Holiday World POVs.

    You can even tell in some videos EastCoasterGeneral has the camera down low on some of the coasters til hes out of the station. (Mainly for the launching coastets.) For the Cedar Point ones they didnt even film the station. But of course CoasterForce is going to say they get permission cause they dont want to look bad. I also have a friend that works at Cedar Point that can confirm they had to take down their Cedar Point videos by Cedar Points request. Ones where they filmed the station EastCoasterGeneral had the small camera hidden where they cant see it. I even watched a POV of Jurassic Park River Adventures from Universal Orlando awhile back. (Not sure if that one is still up but the did a updated POV.) Anyways right before the drop they are telling EastCoasterGeneral to put away the camera many times over the intercom and he doesnt.

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