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The Wild One

July 6, 2012

The Wild One is a wooden coaster. It opened in 1917 at Paragon Park and has since moved to Six Flags America. It is the oldest coaster that I’ve ever ridden.

The Wild One is surprisingly smooth for a 95-year-old coaster. The ride starts with an 88 foot drop. Next is a hill that actually has some good airtime.It isn’t jolting like some rides, it is nice and smooth. At the bottom of this hill, the coaster travels inside a mountain that is used for a log flume. A double jump up to a turnaround and then a double down brings us to the ground again.

There are plenty of bunny hops on the way back to the station, each one has good airtime. The Wild One ends with a helix. This is the only point during the ride that was fairly bumpy. After the helix the coaster rolls onto the covered brake run.

The Wild One was fun. It was smooth for an old coaster and had good airtime. I am giving it a 7 out of 10.

Have you ridden The Wild One? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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