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My Most Wanted Re-Rides

June 25, 2012

The subject of this post may be a bit confusing. The rides in this list are ones that I only rode once or twice and, for whatever reason, would most like to ride again.For example, I rode Maverick at Cedar Point in 2010 and wasn’t that impressed with it, however I refused to write about it until I rode it again. The reason for this is because everyone else seems to love the ride. I did re-ride it again in 2011 and loved it like everyone else. Here are a few other coasters that I want to ride again.

Bizarro at Six Flags New England

Bizarro is considered by many enthusiasts to be the best coaster in the world. I rode it once in the back seat and didn’t find it to be that spectacular. I want to ride it again because it has beaten out my personal favorite, Millennium Force five times in the Golden Ticket Awards. You can read my Bizarro review here.

X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

X2 is kind of the opposite of Bizarro. I rode it once and loved it, at the time it was my favorite coaster. No one else seems to find it as great as I do though. Some say it is rough. I only got to ride once due to a two-hour line. You can read my X2 review here.

The Wild One at Six Flags America

This is probably the most surprising addition to the list. The Wild One is the oldest coaster that I’ve ever ridden. It actually was smoother than its neighbor, the newer Roar. I only got to ride The Wild One once and it had some decent airtime.

Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Another coaster at Magic Mountain, Tatsu is considered to be one of the best flying coasters around. I thought it was an excellent coaster but I only got to ride once because of its long line. You can read my Tatsu review here.

That’s about all the coasters that I really want to ride again. Of course I would like to ride most coasters again.

What do you think? What are your most wanted re-rides? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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  1. Matt P permalink

    My most wanted re-rides are Bizarro as well- I only got one ride and didn’t like it much because of pain during airtime moments, Intimidator 305- I only got one ride and found it quite “whippy” and hurt my neck a bit and didn’t have much airtime but would love to ride it again now that they lengthened the first turn and took of the trim breaks, Top Thrill Dragster because I only got one ride and hardly remember anything from it probably because I rode Kingda Ka the same year, Millennium Force because I say it is my favorite coaster but it is slowly declining to my 2nd favorite coaster due to the fact that I only had 2 rides on it and my now favorite Nitro I ride several times each year, Dueling Dragons and Hulk at IOA because I rode them when I was younger and don’t remember much about them.

    • Those are all great choices for a re-ride, Dueling Dragons (ok, ok, Dragon Challenge) would be better if the two coasters were still dueling.

      • Matt P permalink

        Yeah Universal is really stupid for not making them duel anymore. The track layout is meant for them to duel! Because of a few incidents they stop dueling them? They should just try to fix specific problems not stop dueling!

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