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Kingda Ka

June 12, 2012

In 2003 Cedar Point opened Top Thrill Dragster, a 420 foot tall, 120 mph coaster. At the time the ride was the world’s tallest and fastest thrill ride. Two years later, Six Flags Great Adventure opened up a ride that was practically identical. Although it was 36 feet taller, 8 mph faster, and had a “small” 128 foot airtime hill at the end. The ride was named Kingda Ka. Today it remains as the world’s tallest coaster (although it has lost the speed record.) I have ridden Top Thrill Dragster and loved it, I was eager to see how Kingda Ka would compare.

Kingda Ka is in the back of the park. The ride has a jungle theme so the station is made of wood and the ride is surrounded by bamboo. The riders are loaded in the station two trains at a time. Unfortunately the cars have over the shoulder restraints (OTSRs. )

The launch rocketed us to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds. The ride up to the top of the rides 456 foot tower is much like Top Thrill Dragster’s. At the top there are brakes that allow riders to look around, the view isn’t as nice as Dragster’s though because you are looking at a parking lot not Lake Erie.

On the way back to Earth there is a 270 degree spiral. The ride speeds back up to above 100 mph again as we prepare for the airtime hill. The hill would give great airtime but the final brakes are located on this hill. This minimizes the airtime. The trains return to the station after this.

So how does it stand to Top Thrill Dragster? Honestly, it isn’t even close, Dragster is the better ride. Dragster is located on Cedar Point’s midway, you can see the entire ride, there are even bleachers where non-riders can watch their friends and family get blasted off. Dragster has insane airtime at the top of the tower, Kingda Ka has brakes that do allow you to look around for longer but all you see is a parking lot.Kingda Ka has more impressive stats, and is still a good ride, but there is no question, Top Thrill Dragster is better (Sorry Kingda Ka fans.)

Kingda Ka was still a fun ride and offered a thrill, I am giving it an 8 out of 10.

Have you ridden Kingda Ka? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Dragster definitely beats out Ka for factors like location, view, and openness of trains. I don’t remember dragster really because I had ridden Ka before that, rode dragster once, then went on Ka many times since my trip to CP. Anyway, I don’t think there are brakes on Kingda Ka. Being that the train sometimes doesn’t make it over the hill and rolls back I doubt they would put brakes on it. It barely makes it over almost every time it launches. I have ridden ka many times and read many reviews of Ka and hadn’t heard a mention of brakes at the top. I may be wrong, I don’t know, but I never thought or noticed that there were brakes at the top if there are.

    • Hmmm, I thought I saw some while waiting in line, maybe I was wrong. I am the opposite, I rode Kingda Ka once and have ridden TTD nine times. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Marcia permalink

    Grr….I REALLY want to ride Kingda Ka!:) (Well, I would like to do TTD too, but Cedar Point is a long way from where I live, so I definitely can’t go there anytime soon. I’ll be lucky if I can go to Great Adventure in 2014.)

    I was just curious about a couple things…Do you get airtime on the 270 degree spiral? And (this is a very stupid question) what did you think during your first ride?:)

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