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Coney Island Cyclone

June 1, 2012

The Coney Island Cyclone is the most legendary coaster of all time. It started the golden age of coasters back in the 20s and was the inspiration for countless other rides. There are only a few rides left from that era (most were taken down during the Great Depression.)

One ride costs $8 per person. The cars on the Cyclone are possibly the most comfortable that I’ve ever ridden in, it is like someone took a couch and placed it on a roller coaster. The restraints are locked in by a pedal that the operators kick. The ride starts with a turn to the right and up the lift hill. The first drop has some nice airtime. The rest of the ride is a series of turns, drops, and surprises. Many turns and hills sneak up on you.  There is on point near the end of the coaster where the trains travel behind the station into a darker area under the lift hill, you can’t see anything that happens under there. The ride doesn’t have that much airtime though. The ride stops under a covered brake run using old-fashioned skid brakes, operators must pull on a large lever to stop you.

Cyclone is a fun coaster. It is a bit bumpy but the seats are so comfy that you hardly even notice it. The ride is a bit low on airtime. I am giving it a 7 out of 10.

Have you been on the Coney Island Cyclone? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    I always wondered why this ride was so famous. It isn’t the oldest coaster, in fact right here at dorney park is an older coaster built in 1923 Thunderhawk. It isn’t that impressive looking or innovative. But I guess it did start the golden age and survived multiple threats to be demolished. Location can be a factor as well. I haven’t been on the cyclone, but I hope to ride it soon. I’ve heard it is very rough, so it is a bit of a relief to hear that it isn’t too rough from at least one person. The seats do look very cushiony! I think 8 dollars is alot to pay for an old wooden coaster. But, for the sake of a credit and to say I have ridden one of the most famous rides ever and see if it is really rough, I will have to ride it.

  2. I’ve ridden it hundreds of time over a period of more than (egads!) 50 years. Last time, I went with my granddaughter … and we rode five time in a row, granny and the kid. If you think those seats are comfortable, they must have finally refurbished them because they were not only not comfortable, they were barely safe! NO restraints, NO padding. I used one arm to wrap around my granddaughter because she was a wee bit of a thing and I was afraid she’d go flying out of that car into yonder. She laughed the whole time then said, “Hey, let’s do it again!” Great being 13!

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