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May 27, 2012

Nitro is a B&M hyper coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. It has gotten 3rd place for best steel coaster in Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards for the past several years. I was exited to see how it would compare to Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens, another award-winning hyper.

The cars on Nitro contain some of the most comfortable seats on any coaster, you could almost fall asleep in them. The ride starts with a swooping turn to the right. The 230 foot lift hill gives you plenty of time to survey the surrounding area. The drop is excellent. The first airtime hill gives you plenty of airtime before twisting to the left. The next hill gives plenty of airtime as well.

The next element is an overbanked turn, it is especially nice if you sit on the right side of the train. Another airtime hill follows this. The next hill is like a miniature version of the first airtime hill, you rise up and twist to the left.

The helix is next, it is one of the most intense things that I’ve ever experienced. You start spiraling upwards, the track getting tighter and tighter. Just as riders think that they can’t take any more, there is a set of trim brakes. The sudden dive off of this straight section of track surprises many riders and provides tons of airtime. There are three bunny hops on the way back to the station, each gives a little stronger airtime than the one before it. The final bunny hop has ejector air.

Nitro was an explosive ride (pun intended). It was a great ride (and even better in the rain!) I am giving it a 9 out of 10, just because after my first ride, I wasn’t that impressed.

Have you been on Nitro? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    In the rain! Wow, that must have hurt. I went on Green Lantern in the rain and it hurt very badly, that is 17 mph slower than Nitro, so ouch! Unless it was light rain, on GL it was pouring. Anyway, I am a bit suprised at the review. I know that if you don’t sit in the front, it is a good ride, but if you sit in the front, it is a great ride. Idk if u sat in the front, but if you did then I guess the only thing to say is that people like different things. I am a fan of feeling free on a ride and encountering big hills with good floater air and lots of G-forces and smoothness. That’s exactly what Nitro is, and I love it for that. Some people are more fans of big thrills and forceful airtime. While I like that, I prefer smoother sustained floater airtime like on Nitro. It can also depend where exactly you sit, not only the front, but where in the row. I know that the middle gives a smoother ride while the outside is a bit rougher. Certain conditions affect one’s perception of a ride. Glad you liked it after a few rides though.

    • It hurt a little bit, I was in light rain, the train right before me was in a heavy downpour, they got off of the ride soaked! I didn’t sit in front because the line for it was out the station. I love floater airtime as well as forceful airtime. I had just ridden El Toro so that probably made the airtime seem less forceful.

      • Matt P permalink

        I don’t blame you then since you didn’t ride in the front. Anywhere else on the train you just don’t get as much G-forces and feelings of openness and perhaps not even as much airtime as the front. Wow, out of the station! Almost every time I rode Nitro the line was very short, hardly any wait, and the line for the front was in the station. Depends on time of day. I usually hit Nitro before noon, and there is hardly a wait. And that’s true what you said about toro influencing the ride experience, when you get off that no airtime can compare!

  2. Alex Fahner permalink

    I went on Behemoth, front seat, pouring rain. My legs were red afterwards and I got sick.

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