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Cedar Point’s Wildcat Closing

May 2, 2012

Today Cedar Point announced that they are closing Wildcat, their Schwarzkopf portable coaster. The park claims that they will

WildCat roller coaster station at Cedar Point.

be expanding the Celebration Plaza. Wildcat opened in 1979 and will be dismantled before the park opens this summer.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of the coaster. Some people say that it is a fun ride for a portable coaster. Others couldn’t care less if it is dismantled. Unfortunately I haven’t ridden it since I was five because the lines were always so long.

This means that Six Flags Magic Mountain will hold the record for most coasters for this year. Most enthusiasts are hoping that Cedar Point  will open another coaster next year since their most recent coaster is Maverick in 2007.

It’s always somewhat sad when a park closes a coaster. Who knows, maybe they have something big in store for 2013.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    I hope they get a new coaster for 2013. Although they have 16(now), they should update their lineup at least every 6 years. That would mean 2013 should be a year to open a new coaster. Does anyone else notice that CP is deseperately in need of a flying coaster? They also do not have a floorless coaster or great wooden coaster. They also should get a good themed coaster with special effects like Bizarro perhaps.

    • Most of their coasters are sit downs. Screamscape says that they might be getting a Wing Rider for 2013 so that would help fill the void.

  2. I think the first one was called Wild Mouse when I was young somewhere in the ancient 1950’s & 60’s. On those tight turns there really wasn’t any track visible ahead and the motion of the tight turn itself accentuated the sensation of flying off the track! What a great mix of dips and twists and turns. So effective even though you knew it was coming….so let’s ride again! I hope something similar will live again.

  3. Tara permalink

    Very sad news as that is where I met my husband back in the summer of 1990. We both were employees at Cedar Point and he ran the Wildcat!

  4. John permalink

    So sad, as a former ride operator, the Wildcat was the best little coaster in the park. At 50 feet high, drop you 48, spin you aruond twice and stop you on a dime, it was a classic at Cedar Point America’s Rollercoast!

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