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Shambhala Construction Update

April 2, 2012

Shambhala is a new B&M hyper coaster opening at PortAventura Park in Spain. It will be Europe’s tallest coaster by about 10 feet. The ride is one of the most action packed coasters out there. A 249 foot tall lift and a 255 foot drop into a tunnel will start the ride off with a bang. The second hill looks to be at least 200 feet tall and should provide great airtime. The turnaround at the far end of the course is an insanely twisted hammerhead turn.

It seems like one of those elements that you thought up as a kid that you thought would never be built (kind of like this one).

The next element is a shorter speed hill. Another airtime hill follows this. The train will travel through a tunnel. A water element, similar to those of Diamondback and the diving coasters, comes next. Most rides would be out of steam by this time but not Shambhala, The coaster contains three more airtime hills before the final brakes.

Even from far away the ride dominates the skyline (check this out!).

Here is a video of Shambhala:

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading!



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  1. Great update. I love how the lift thwarts Dragon Khan. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year!

  2. GuiFolgueira permalink

    Wow, the skyline is just beautiful!

  3. Matt P permalink

    This looks to be possibly the best hypercoaster out there. The theming and elements combined make it look awesome!

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