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The Best Types of Coasters

March 3, 2012

Overall, there are five major types of roller coasters. In my opinion, here they are in descending order.

5. Stand up coasters

Stand-ups are notorious for having uncomfortable restraints and being rough. Originally they were designed by Togo, I’ve heard that this was the most painful types of rides. Them B&M got into the act with a variety of larger coasters. These are good for a stand-up but still pretty rough.

4. Sit down coasters

Sit down coasters are the most basic type. Even though they generally don’t have very fancy trains, they can provide a much smoother ride than stand-ups. Pretty much every single coaster designer makes sit down coasters becasue they can be so diverse, you have everything from Maurer Sohne’s X-Cars to Intamin’s Rocket coasters in this category.

3. Flying coasters

Flyers are one of the more insane types of coasters. Originally designed by Vekoma, they offer that feeling of flight that we have always wanted. Nowadays, the Flying coaster market is dominated by B&M’s mega Flyers. They offer a unique inversion called the pretzel loop which is basically an upside-down vertical loop (remember, your back is next to the track).

2. Inverted coasters

The concept of an Inverted coaster is that the riders are hanging below the track  not sitting on top of it. Inverted coasters were started by B&M who have still never been outdone. They can have almost as many elements as a sit down coaster.

1. 4th Dimension coasters

4the Dimension coasters are, without a doubt, the most insane type of coaster anywhere. They are also one of the rarest with only seven of them in the world. Arrow started making them in 2002, since then S&S Worldwide has gotten into the act and so has Intamin.

What do you think? What is your favorite type of coaster? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. GuiFolgueira permalink

    Good post. For me, it would be 5. Stand-ups 4 and 3. Inverted and sit-downs 2.4th dimension and 1. Flying.
    But the best ones are sit-down coasters.

  2. Matt P permalink

    Wait, your post reads: “the best types of coasters” and you have stand ups in it? Or did you mean to just list the types of coasters there are by rider position? And what is the order based on? Anyway, sitdown has to be my favorite type due to they can be anything from a launching coaster to a hyper coaster to a 7 inversion coaster and anything beyond besides these other types. I think sit down coasters are just too general. They should be broken up into looping, launching, and hypers.

    • It is in the order of my favorites based on their average ride. Millennium Force, a sit down, is my favorite coaster, however, Ninja, my least favorite coaster, is also a sit down. I based it off of the list of coaster types on RCDB (if you go into the advanced search they have a drop-down called design), Their list also includes Bobsled, Pipeline, and Suspended. I didn’t include these in my list since Bobsled and Pipeline are both sit down, Suspended is inverted. People have broken them up before, they’ve made lists of their favorite looping coasters or their favorite launched coasters ( The Coaster Critic has many of these). For this post I just grouped them into the sit down category. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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