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Crazy Water Slides

February 16, 2012

Even though this is the Coasterblog I still like water slides. Just as roller coasters have gotten more and more extreme over the years, water slides have gotten bigger and better too.

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One of the first types of crazy water slides were the Drop Slides. Pretty much the entire slide is a drop. You lie down at the top of the slide and drop. This type of slide gives very short yet fun rides.

Another type of crazy slide is the Tornado. You get into a four person raft and slide through a dark tunnel. Without warning you drop down into a funnel where you fly up one side, then fall, then rise up the other side, until you get dumped out into a pool at the small end.

Of course I can’t omit the famous uphill slides. By far the most roller coaster-ish water slides, these things not only are full of drops but can also blast you uphill! There are many types of uphill slides but the two most common are the Master Blasters and the HydroMagnetic Rockets. The Master Blasters use water, shot at high speeds, to push you up hills. The HydroMagnetic Rockets use LIM magnets, the same type used on some roller coasters like Mr. Freeze and Poltergeist.

Six flags Great Adventure has recently announced their new-for-2012 water slide, King Cobra. While the actual ride doesn’t look that extreme the theming is crazy. The ending features a 25 foot drop into a half pipe where the riders will appear to be eaten by a huge cobra.

One of the latest trends in water parks is the AquaLoop slide. It starts out like the drop slides where you drop off of a tall tower. The difference is that the ride doesn’t end there, instead it travels around a massive, somewhat inclined loop.

While on the subject of looping water slides I must at least say something about the infamous looping water slide at Action Park in Wildwoods New Jersey. I’ve heard that after the first person rode it and got hurt they closed it.

What do you think? Are there any other crazy water slides that you know of? Please comment. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Matt P permalink

    These are cool, I also like the ones that are in a huge circular raft with a floor that throws you up against the side, feeling like you will topple over. However, I am not the biggest waterslide fan. There are waterslides I simply refuse to ride. I don’t ride body slides because they hurt my back and you get thrown around alot. I also dont usually ride the “black hole” or completely black waterslides because I hate when it is dark and you can’t see anything and water splashes you out of nowhere and goes up your nose. Also, I will not ever I think go on those ones where the floor drops out and you drop down. I don’t like the out of control feeling. It isn’t safe. Also, the water would go up my nose so much, and I hate that. I do like the open tube slides though, my favorite is either Meltdown at Water Country USA or Aquablast at Dorney is good too. Also I like those ones that look like a regular slide that you slide down with a toboggan and skip across the water. Those are fun too.

    • I don’t really like the dark slides either, sometimes they are really fun but only when I’ve seen the layout so I know when to expect a drop. Unfortunately I haven’t been to a lot of water parks so I haven’t gotten the chance to ride any of the ones where the bottom drops out.

  2. GuiFolgueira permalink

    King Cobra is SO nice! I love the idea! The ones with the “inclened loop” seem awesome too!

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