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My Least Favorite Coasters

February 8, 2012

I do already have a list of my favorite coasters. I haven’t seen many sites with a list of least favorite coasters so I figured I should. The top (or bottom) few shouldn’t surprise anyone who has read the blog for a while. So here they are, my least favorite coasters:

  1. Ninja at Six Flags over Georgia
  2. The Rattler at Six Flags over Texas
  3. Georgia Cyclone at Six Flags over Georgia
  4. Mean Streak at Cedar Point
  5. Corkscrew at Cedar Point
  6. The original Texas Giant at Six Flags over Texas
  7. Hangman at Wild Adventures
  8. Backlot Stunt Coaster at King’s Island
  9. Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags over Texas
  10. Viper at Six Flags Astroworld

Ninja is the only coaster that I’ve ever given a 1 out of 10. The original Texas Giant was very rough, I haven’t been on the new one but its supposed to be a lot better. All the rest were smaller coasters that still were very uncomfortable.

What do you think? What are your least favorite coasters? Please comment. Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. Matt P permalink

    Wow it is surprising you didnt like the backlot stunt coaster. I rode the one at Kings Dominion and it was a fun little coaster, and I rode it more times than any other coasters there. (short line helps). My least favorites are: Grizzly at KD, Wildcat at Hersheypark, Anaconda at KD, Great American Scream Machine formerly at SFGAdv, Thunderhawk at Dorney Park, Disaster Transport at CP, Sidewinder at Hershey (before new restraints), Mind Eraser at SFNE and like you Corkscrew at CP. Most of mine are for roughness, but as for Disaster Transport it was boring and dissapointing. I must say that I know many people hate Mean Streak, but I don’t remember it being that rough when I rode it. I enjoyed it. Maybe I had a lucky seat or lucky time.

    • I get dizzy pretty quickly. Helixes are normally fine but the quadruple helix on Backlot Stunt Coaster left me feeling kind of sick for the rest of the ride.

  2. OK, I agree with Ninja which knocked your sister around so badly she had to go to first aid in the park for her headache. And I agree with Rattler whole-heartedly. I remember when I rode it shouting something like “this ride should be banned” because it was so rough. But Corkscrew, your first inversion coaster when you were five! And you loved it! I guess things change as you grow and coasters age. BTW, it was my first inversion coaster too. I don’t think I’d ride it now though.

    • When I rode Corkscrew last summer my head smacked into the headrest on the loop, plus it was very rough. So I don’t love it so much anymore. Thanks for commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mark Robb permalink

    probably before your time… but you can add this to least favorite

    • I did go on Python before it closed and honestly it wasn’t too bad, maybe I just got a good seat.

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