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Georgia Cyclone Re-Tracking

January 30, 2012

Six Flags over Georgia’s notoriously rough version of the Coney Island Cyclone is finally getting new topper track from Rocky Mountain Coasters. Similar to the treatment that the Texas Giant got last year except that Georgia Cyclone’s topper track will only cover about 30% of the ride. I’m guessing that they’ll re-track the roughest parts and leave the smoother parts as they were. They have already taken the old track off of the first drop and are currently inserting the Rocky Mountain topper track around the first turn.


I remember the first drop and turn as being the roughest parts of the ride so I’m glad they are redoing this part.
After the rave reviews that the New Texas Giant got last year, I’m exited that other parks are re-tracking their older woodies.
Thanks to Theme Park Review for the pictures.
What do you think? Which coaster do you think should get the next Iron Horse Treatment? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  1. Matt P permalink

    Good i hope other parks do this as well. I wonder if the first drop will stay the same or will they raise the height and make it more steep like texas giant? (obviously not as high or steep). Once again, I will let you know how the new georgia cyclone is when I ride it.

  2. Eric permalink

    I’ve rode Georgia Cyclone about 3 times this year (2013). The ride feels rougher with the RMC topper track… and don’t recall it being as rough when it had its original track. I believe Great American Scream Machine got topper track in several places.

    RMC did an excellent job with SFOT’s Texas Giant and SFFT’s Iron Rattler with the iron horse re-track (hybrid transformation). SFM’s Medusa will become an iron horse in 2014. There’s been some speculation about SFSTL’s The Boss and SFMM’s Colossus getting iron horse transformations… and I do pray and hope that SFOG’s Georgia Cyclone gets the iron horse transformation.

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