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X2 Didn’t Quite Make it This Time

January 20, 2012

X2 has become stuck between the first Fly to Lie and the second Raven Turn. The ride was making a test run so there are no people stuck but the ride has been closed for today and probably will be closed tomorrow. Now there are cranes that are attempting to dismantle the 5000 pound trains to take them back to the station.

Six Flags Magic Mountain X2

Here you can see where the train got stuck. You can also see how it would be uncomfortable to be in the front seat.

Six Flags Magic Mountain X2

My guess is that they pulled the trains up to this point to make it easier to get them off of the tracks. There aren’t any anti-rollback devices here.

I also find it strange that this happened so close to X2’s tenth birthday, it was just over a week ago on January 12.

You can read more on The Coaster Guy’s Article.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. šŸ™‚


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  1. GuiFolgueira permalink

    Fortunatly, it was testing. Wow, better SFMM does some maintance to assure this won’t happen in the future, whit some guest!

  2. Matt P permalink

    Wow. I thought the trains weighed enough and had enough speed to go over all hills and elements every time. Things do happen though. That would have been terrifying, especially for a first time rider, if their were people on it.

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