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The Voyage is Getting Off Season Track Work

January 17, 2012

The Voyage at Holiday World is the world’s #1 rated wooden roller coaster. It is getting some off-season track work which includes some smoothing out track at the bottom of the first couple of hills and even replacing one section of track. Some of the track has moved up to a quarter of an inch which doesn’t sound like much at first but is noticeable at 67.4 mph. The first part of the spaghetti bowl turnaround is being replaced with an identical section of track. The ride holds the world record for most airtime with 24.2 seconds, it will now be increased by an incredible 0.1 seconds of airtime bringing it up to 24.3.

The Voyage will also be getting new trains in 2012, custom-made Timberliner trains for Holiday World! Here is a video of the ride’s construction so far.

And here is a POV of the ride:

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  1. Matt P permalink

    This is very good. I am glad to see that some park actually cares about the aging of their rides, even though the Voyage is only 6 years old! This will make it smoother, especially the timberliners, and smoother= better. The only problem I think of is will the timberliners allow for as much airtime as the PTC trains? And will the timberliners have enough capacity? Being that the timberliners were only previously used on small wooden coasters, it is a big question of how these timberliners will be “custom designed” for the Voyage. I really want to go to Holiday World very soon. It seems like a nice little park.

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