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New Verbolten Video

January 15, 2012

Back in September Busch Gardens announced their new for 2012 coaster Verbolten. They released a short 30 second video that was pretty much a car driving through the Black Forest in Germany (with some minor distractions like lightning and falling trees). Through the fall they have been releasing short videos and now they have put them all together to create….

So we  have lightning, gnomes, bats, rockfalls, wolves, and a large tentacled monster eating another car. I’m guessing that all this will be in the dark ride section of the coaster. There are a few references to Busch’s older coasters in the video, The wolves might show how Verbolten is on the land that the Big Bad Wolf used to be situated on. The Coaster Critic hopes that the monster will breathe fire which would be awesome (and reference Drachen Fire).

What do you think? Are you exited for Verbolten? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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One Comment
  1. Matt P permalink

    The teaser video looks very good. At first when I saw it I thought: yeah this is great but will any of this stuff be in the actual ride? I mean I thought it was just a hype raiser kind of video, and didnt think any of the stuff would be in the actual coaster. But now I hear everyone saying that this stuff will be in the ride. I don’t know. If all this stuff is in the actual ride, it would be epic! But I doubt it would all be in the dark ride section, because the event building is very small and has a big tangle of track in it. It would probrably be in the woods somewhere. Unless they build another dark ride section.

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