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Leviathan Construction Update

January 10, 2012

Canada’s Wonderland’s Leviathan has made progress in the construction of the first half of the ride. They’ve gotten all the way to the first part of the hammerhead turnaround.

The first overbanked turn looks finished, this extends out over the parking lot of the park.

Here you can see the lift hill and the huge airtime camel back. The lift is 306 feet tall with an 80 degree drop. The airtime hill is 180 feet tall.

They are about halfway on the hammerhead.

This is my most anticipated new coaster for 2012 so I’m exited to see it go up.

Thanks to Crave Coasters for all the pictures.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    This is also my most anticipated coaster of 2012, although I will not be able to ride it. I will be able to ride skyrush though. Anyway, Leviathan looks pretty awesome. However, there are a few things that I would have changed with the ride. I would have made the airtime hill bigger. I mean, it is 306 feet tall! Nitro is 230 feet tall and has a 180 foot second hill. I would make the airtime hill on Leviathan maybe 200 or 220 feet. And I would make more airtime hills. There are only like 2. And most of all, I wouldn’t end the ride so early! When I watched the simulation, and it got to the end, I thought there would still be more. They stop the ride way before they need to. I would have added some end bunny hops (nitro, steel force, magnum, etc.), or some more turns or overbanks. But still this looks awesome! I need to go to Canada!

    • I agree that they should have made the ride’s layout different. They can’t really add a whole lot of airtime hills because Behemoth is another B&M hyper coaster right across the park with a lot of hills. A lot of people are comparing the situation to Millennium Force and Magnum XL 200. Magnum has all the hills but Millennium Force has lots of turns and three airtime hills. I would have liked the airtime hill to be higher but if you think about it it will have stronger airtime than a larger hill. Even with that short ride time it will still be B&M’s longest coaster. Has anyone else noticed how long that brake run is?

      • Matt P permalink

        Yeah it is very long. They should’ve put in more sections of track after the brake run. And I see what you are saying about millennium vs magnum and such. But at least millennium had a very long track layout with many overbanked turns and three airtime hills. This only has two airtime hills and only one overbanked turn.

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