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Alton Towers’ 2013 Coaster

January 5, 2012

Many people have wondered what Alton Towers’ next coaster will be. After massively over hyping their last coaster Thirteen I think that this next ride will live up to people’s expectations. Supposedly it will be a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter. Here are a few blueprint pictures posted on Theme Park Review:


So from above you can already tell that it is a pretty long coaster (especially for Gerstlauer).


Its kind of hard to see but there are two lift hills. One of them isn’t at 90 degrees like all current Euro Fighters though.


So I still haven’t figured out how many inversions this thing will have. It looks like at least 7 but I’m not sure. I’ve also heard about a launch somewhere in there too.

I’m not sure which looks better, this or Takabisha. I guess we will just have to wait until they release a video of the ride.

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. GuiFolgueira permalink

    Seems like the best Alton Towers ride till now. Love it. It seems to have more than 7 inversions. And i hope it has a 120+ degree drop. My favorite part of the ride is the one that seems to have 2 cobra-rolls!

    • Yea, it is a lot longer than many of Alton Towers’ rides (I’m talking to you Oblivion). And those two Cobra rolls are awesome.

      • GuiFolgueira permalink

        I think it will be the longest alton tower ride, even because there might be some track in that covered part.

  2. Matt P permalink

    I have heard from screamscape that the ride will have 11 inversions, making it i believe the coaster with the most inversions. I am suprised that it seems to be a euro fighter, because I thought that secret weapons all were world first rides. But I guess they can just put in a world’s first element. Perhaps one of the inversions is a world’s first, or the straight section could be a world’s first type of launch. Whatever it is, I know alton towers will make it great.

    • I’m thinking that the double inversion inside the Cobra Roll might be a first of a kind element. Its kind of hard to see what happens on the ride because it is so compact.

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