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The Most Intense Short Coasters

December 29, 2011

There are long coasters that are intense, some that come to mind are rides like Millennium Force and The Beast. Then there are others which are far shorter yet have way more intensity for their length. These are the coasters where you get off and think “Did I just do that?”

The Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster at Ceda...

The best examples of this type of ride are the Intamin accelerator coasters like Top Thrill Dragster and probably Kingda Ka. They launch you at over 120 miles per hour and then shoot you straight up where you twist, go over the 400 foot top, twist some more, and then the ride is pretty much over. These rides are actually the length of an average coaster yet have a very short ride time. I like to tell people how Top Thrill Dragster was “the best 17 seconds of my life.”

Another good example is Mr. Freeze at Six Flags over Texas. You launch out of an ice cave, over a top hat inversion, around an overbanked turn, shoot straight up a vertical spire of track. Then you are treated to doing it all in reverse. Going backwards over a top hat is one of the most insane things ever.

Many Schwarzkopf coasters are short but have quite a bit of intensity. Shock Wave, Scorpion, and his Shuttle Loop coasters are very high in intensity for their short ride times. They all have almost perfectly round loops which give very high g-forces. Shock Wave has two of these loops in a row so it is very intense. Scorpion has a ton of helixes and The Shuttle Loops travel through the layouts both forwards and backwards.

Some other short yet intense coasters are/were Hypersonic XLC and the Deja Vu coasters.

What do you think? Please comment if you can think of another coaster. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚


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  1. GuiFolgueira permalink

    I think that xcelerator, at knotts berry park, is a short and intense coaster.

  2. It is a short, intense coaster. Most of the Intamin accelerator coasters are (except for Storm Runner). The only one I’ve been on is Top Thrill Dragster so I wouldn’t know how intense the others are. Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚

  3. Matt P permalink

    I like the intense longer coasters. They can be good quality rides and still be intense. The short intense coasters are, as I like to call them, “30 second thrills.” They have little thought in the design, layout, and comfort of the rider. Kingda ka is just up, down, over a hill, done. And kingda ka does bash my head around a bit and gives me a headache sometimes. You wait in line for hours for a ride that lasts less than 30 seconds and can be painful. Still, Kingda Ka is quite the thrill and I can’t wait to ride it next year because it was broken down at the end of this year and I kind of miss it.

    • I will agree that longer coasters are more fun. The only one of these coasters that you’ll find in my top ten list is Top Thrill Dragster which is even shorter than Kingda Ka. It only has lab bars though so there is no headbanging. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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