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The Most Scary Coaster Moments

December 23, 2011

Roller coasters are made to scare you. After riding on a lot of rides there are always a few moments that shine as the moments you were most scared. Here are mine:

Maverick at Cedar Point.

Français : Maverick , montagnes russes à Cedar...

Maverick is a relatively innocent looking coaster, since it is at Cedar Point there are plenty of rides taller than it. Other than the first drop it doesn’t look that wild. Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge a coaster by its height. The first time I rode it I wasn’t expecting anything after the first drop to be that interesting. After the drop the ride seemed to get more intense. I consider it to be a scary ride because of its deceiving appearance. It is not a kiddie coaster.

X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

The top of the first drop is possibly the scariest moment of any coaster I’ve even been on. There is an unexpected flip forward towards the ground before you even start moving downward. You just hang there for a second facing straight down with nothing between you and the ground except for 215 feet of air. I don’t even remember the drop that well because I was so shocked by what happened up top.

Although, it's very rough, it's still quite en...

Ultra Twister at Six Flags Astroworld

This ride was rickety and had uncomfortable seats. The first drop had a nearly vertical plunge and the cars seemed to fly over the top despite the super slow lift. Then you twisted through a series of heartline rolls, both forwards and back wards, before finally coming to a stop on the brakes.

For some reason all three of these coasters have vertical (or at least close to vertical) drops. It must be something about flying straight down toward the ground that scares me.

What do you think? What are your scariest coaster moments? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    My scariest moments were on kingda ka and Griffon. I remember on Kingda Ka I was so shocked at how fast and big it was. I remember I shouted something at the top and gripped my restraints very hard. It is still a bit scary, but the first time is always the scariest. When I went to BGW and was about to get on Griffon I thought: what is the big deal about the 90 degree drop? I have been on other 90 degree coasters like impulses and ka and dragster, plus I have been on coasters with drops over 90 degrees(maverick and fahrenheit), so I at first wasn’t intimidated by the drop. But then I got on it, and when it leaned over the edge I honestly thought I was going to fall out and I grabbed onto the arm rest to hold myself up. I was shocked at how scary and strange it felt to be leaning over the edge. If that wasnt scary enough, the drop was definitely more extreme than I thought it would be. It is in my top five favorite drops. You get ejected out of your seat and experience airtime on the way down and seem to float in the air.

    • I would have put my first time riding Top Thrill Dragster on here but it was so short that I didn’t even have time to really be scared until afterwards. I haven’t been on Griffon but SheiKra’s drop is scary. It was my first straight down drop (other than Ultra Twister whose drop is so short that it isn’t the main part of the ride).

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