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The Most Underrated Coasters

December 17, 2011

A few weeks ago I posted an article on the most overrated coasters. This is the opposite of that. These are the coasters that were way better than people say they are.

X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

When I rode this coaster two years ago I didn’t notice any roughness like some people say they have. The ride is insane. One moment you are facing straight up at the sky and the next moment you are hurtling toward the ground upside down. Some people say that the ride is very rough but I didn’t find it to be bad. The first drop scared me like no other coaster that I’ve been on since then. Beside the insane first drop and inversions there are also many special effects like pyrotechnics  and speakers next to your ears. It seems like many people don’t like this ride but I am one of the few who loves it.

The Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags over Georgia

This wooden coaster packed with airtime and is smooth for a wooden coaster. It is one of those classic out and back coasters with an L shaped layout. It is a perfect example of how bigger is not always better. The ride travels out over a lake and back. It is right next to my least favorite coaster ever, Ninja. Despite its old age it still runs very well.

Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Scream is the coaster that everyone always talks about when they want to criticize Six Flags. The ride is pretty much sitting on Magic Mountain’s parking lot. Six Flags didn’t even paint over the parking lines on the pavement. Despite its lack of theming I thought the ride was fun, it wasn’t great but it certainly wasn’t terrible like so many people say it is.

Viper and X at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Wow, Magic Mountain had three overrated coasters and now it has three underrated coasters too! Viper is my favorite of the old Arrow Dynamics corkscrew coasters. It is older but still runs pretty well. The first loop was really strange but fun.

Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Medusa is the lesser known cousin of Bizarro (formerly Medusa) at Six Flags Great Adventure. The west coast Medusa was the first time I had ever ridden in the front seat of a floorless coaster. Floorless coasters are so much better when ridden in the front seat because there is absolutely nothing in front or below you but track. The layout is really good too.

So there you have it, my list of coasters that exceeded my expectations for them. Strangely they are all at Six Flags parks.

What do you think? What are your opinions on the most underrated coasters? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Good list. I have 2 coasters that I can think of that are underrated. Strangely, they are both at hershey park. I think comet is underrated. It may be old, but it is pretty smooth for a wood coaster and has tons of airtime. In fact, I think it has almost as much airtime as the Phoenix at Knoebels. Obviously Phoenix is better than the comet, but the comet is very similar and is never rated so high. Also, I think Fahrenheit is underrated. I have not seen it in anyone’s top 10 steel coasters list, but it is in mine. It is a very good ride, I love it. It is smooth, thrilling, and unique. Getting lifted vertical is definitely intense, and the drop is very thrilling. It also has many inversions and even a pleasant surprise pop of airtime at the end. Everyone always raves about stormrunner at hershey, but I think Fahrenheit is much better. Fahrenheit is a perfect example of a smaller (by height) coaster that is very good. It should be in top 10 lists.

    • I haven’t been to Hersheypark so I don’t know about the quality of its coasters. From what I’ve heard, Fahrenheit is underrated, Aric Davis gave it a 9 out of 10 on the Coaster Critic’s site. One thing that I’ve fond to be strange about it is that it has six inversions yet the RCDB lists only three elements because it has a Norwegian Loop, Cobra Roll, and a Double Corkscrew. I haven’t read any reviews of Comet but I like out and back woodies a lot. What is your top ten list? Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      • Matt P permalink

        My top 10 steel are: 10. I305; 9. Fahrenheit; 8. Magnum; 7. Bizarro SFNE(for the layout); 6. Apollos Chariot; 5. Volcano at KD; 4. Griffon; 3. Maverick; 2. Nitro; 1. Millennium Force. My top 5 wood(havent ridden alot of good woodies) are: 5. Blue streak at cedar point; 4. comet at hershey; 3. phoenix at knoebels; 2. Lightning racer at hershey; 1. El Toro at sfgadv. My top 10 for all coasters steel and wood would only see one minor change, el toro would be number 3 and everything else would be pushed back a spot, kicking I305 out of my top 10. I usually update my top 10 every year when I go on a new trip. Next year I am sure Goliath at SFOG will be in it somewhere.

        • I haven’t been on many really good woodies either. I think the only one is The Beast. I think Goliath is an amazing ride but not everyone seems to think that for some reason.

          • Matt P permalink

            Really? I have heard many people say that they liked Goliath and it is really good. It is in amusement today’s top 10. But yeah I guess some people don’t like it that much. I don’t understand B&M Hyper haters(robb alvey- season pros list show on theme park geekly). B&M Hypers are the perfect mix of height, speed, airtime, comfort, smoothness, and thrill.

          • I guess Robb Alvey gets to ride every coaster out there so it would be tough to get into the top ten but I still think he would have at least one B&M hyper in there. What I meant about Goliath is that it is never a person’s favorite B&M Hyper. In the Golden Ticket Awards Nitro beat it last year and both Nitro and Apollo’s chariot beat it this year. Maybe it isn’t B&M’s best hyper, I haven’t been on either Nitro or Apollo so I wouldn’t know. I will next summer though! 🙂

  2. X2 Six Flags Magic Mountain Xperience the Xcitement on the first 4th dimensional roller coaster, now taken to the 5th dimension.

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