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The Most Overrated Coasters

December 10, 2011

Sadly some coasters don’t live up to our expectations like we would all like them to. I haven’t had this happen to me too much but there are some coasters that have really disappointed me. Here are a few examples:

Superman: the Escape (Now Superman: Escape from Krypton) at Six Flags Magic Mountain

100 mph, 415 feet tall, and 6.5 seconds of airtime at once, with statistics like that you would expect it to be an awesome ride. You just launch really fast and then fly straight up for 350 feet and then fall backwards back to the station. The problems are that you don’t even notice the airtime and the ride ops have to staple you into the car to keep you from flying out. Maybe now that they have turned the trains around backwards it is a better ride.

Riddler’s Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Mantis at Cedar Point

These are both stand up coasters. At first thought standing up seems like it would be an awesome ride experience but it isn’t. For some reason, after walking around a park and standing in lines all day, standing up on a forceful coaster isn’t the most comfortable experience. Both of these rides put immense force on your legs and bang you heads a bit.

Fun At Six Flags Magic Mountain

Goliath at Six Flags Magic mountain and Titan at Six Flags over Texas

What is it with Six Flags Magic Mountain and overrated coasters? Goliath and Titan are excellent examples of how bigger is not always better. The massive hypercoasters are filled with turns, unfortunately they only have one airtime hill. Who builds a coaster with speeds of 85 mph and only puts in one airtime hill?

The Beast at King’s Island

The Beast is the longest coaster in the United States and the longest wooden coaster in the world. When it opened it was the longest, tallest, fastest, and just about any other -est that you can think of. I like The Beast, it is my favorite wooden coaster so far (I really need to ride El Toro or The Voyage). Many people rate it as one of the best coasters out there, I don’t think it deserves a 10 out of 10 rating but it is still fun nonetheless.

That’s about all I can think of. It seems like Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most overrated coasters, It also has many underrated too.

What do you think? What are your most underrated coasters? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Yeah I cannot understand why the designer only put one airtime hill into titan and goliath and put so many turns. It seems very stupid to me what were the designers thinking? It would be cool to see Giovanola create a good hyper coaster with many hills and few turns, like the B&M hypers. I honestly think Bizarro at SFNE is overrated. It may have been that I had a bad seat or rode it on a bad day, but it delivered much pain on the airtime hills when my legs get pushed up into the bar. Also the trains are horrible as there is hardly any room for your feet and there is nothing to hold on to. I must ride that again in a different seat someday. I also think that Apollos Chariot is the SLIGHTEST bit overrated. I love the ride alot, but people that say it is better than Nitro I think are insane. Nitro has more hills, is smoother by a little, and a better layout I think. I still love AC though, I just dont think it should be up there with the other B&M Hypers.

  2. chewie0905 permalink

    I 100% agree with all of your choices. People wow over pretty much any coaster that is tall, fast, has a ton of inversions, or has a unique riding position. Most coasters like this deserve the attention but some don’t. I would add The Roller Coaster (formerly Manhattan Express) to the list. It is extremely painful, and it is just stupid to add inversions into coasters over 200 feet tall just for the heck of it.

    • I probably would add The Roller Coaster to the list except I haven’t been on it (I would have ridden but it costs so much for just one ride) I was listing overrated coasters that I have been on. From what I’ve heard though, it seems like the type of ride that would be painful. The only Togo coaster that I’ve ever been on is Ultra Twister at Six Flags Astroworld. It was less than 100 feet tall and still had quite a bit of headbanging, I can’t imagine how a 203 foot Togo would feel. Ouch! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Quan permalink

    I don’t think Riddler’s Revenge is overrated. The trick is to bend your knees a little when they lock you in place. Therefore, it kinda feels like you’re sitting and the ride is really enjoyable. My friend next to me was standing up as straight as he could and he didn’t enjoy the coaster nearly as much as I did.

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