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Rocky Mountain Coasters and Their Iron Horses

November 19, 2011

Rocky Mountain coasters has created a masterpiece with the New Texas Giant at Six Flags over Texas. What was happening was that the old Texas Giant was a giant wooden coaster. People were complaining that it was an uncomfortable and violent ride. I went on it twice before its resurrection and I can say that it was very rough. Rocky Mountain Coasters was brought in to help renovate the ride. It now has iron track and wood supports. It officially is a steel coaster even with the wood supports. I think Rocky Mountain Coasters calls it an Iron Horse coaster. The New Texas Giant has extreme turns and lots of airtime an is very smooth.

Anyways Rocky Mountain Coasters are building two more coasters in 2013. One of them will be a renovation like with the New Texas Giant. I can come up with a few rides that could use a smoother ride, Son of Beast is the first that comes to mind since it is closed anyway, Rattler and Mean Streak could use it too. The other new coaster will be a completely new ride using the same track style. I have to wonder what crazy elements they will incorporate into the ride now that they don’t have to follow the layout of an existing coaster. I’m thinking inversions, past vertical drops, overbanked turns and of coarse some crazy airtime hills.

I think that these Iron Horses look great. I can only hope that they will be opening more of then around the country and the world.

Thanks to outdoor amusement business for the first picture. Thanks to The Coaster Critic for the second picture.

What do you think? Who do you think should get the next Iron Horse makeover? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Do you know what coaster is getting renovated like New Texas Giant? I think Son of Beast should definitely get the new iron horse track, even though it will lose all of its wood coaster records.

    • I don’t know which coaster they will be redoing. I think SOB should get the topper track because it is just sitting there in the back of the park doing nothing. There are rumors of it being Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, when I went on it it wasn’t rough at all and it doesn’t have very intense turns like the Texas Giant had. My pick for a coaster other than Son Of Beast is probably Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas even though it is in the same state as the New Texas Giant.

      • Matt P permalink

        Yeah I heard about colossus too, but it doesn’t look rough or that it needs to be renovated.

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