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S&S Power’s New Coaster Type

November 15, 2011

S&S Power has debuted a new type of coaster at some of the Happy Valley parks in China. The first one to open is named Extreme Rusher at their Beijing park.

The coaster launches using S&S’s trademark compressed air launch where the riders are launched up and around a tower and then fall back to earth in an underwater tunnel. They then fly around some strange-looking turns and awesome looking airtime hills then onto the brake run. You can see pictures of Extreme Rusher here.

There is another coaster of this sort named Bullet Coaster opening at their Shenzhen location. Bullet Coaster looks like it will be even better than Extreme Rusher because its airtime hill will be straight instead of having a spiral up to the top of the first tower. It will also feature the underwater dive and crazy turns of the Extreme Rusher. Plus it will include a helix.

Now take a look at its airtime hill.

Crazy Right? Plus the new trains look awesome too. You can see more pictures of Bullet Coaster here.

What do you think? Would you go on one of these new coasters? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Wow these look awesome! Finally an air launched coaster that has a fair amount of track, unlike hypersonic xlc. They both look very good. I like how even though they launch they have a nice, lengthy layout. And the underwater dives look awesome! The trains look awesome too, they look kind of like B&M Hyper trains.

    • Matt P permalink

      I actually thought at first that the bullet coaster was a boomerang, because of the first picture above. The hill is so steep that it looks like a vertical spike in some boomerangs.

      • Yea, I actually put in the picture of the airtime hill because I wasn’t sure people would see that it was a full circuit coaster. I wish we could see the whole layout or a POV of the ride because it has a helix at one point and also some more crazy turns.

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