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A New Type of 4th Dimension Coaster

November 6, 2011

An independent designer has created two types of 4th Dimension coasters.

Type 1:

The first type uses a  third rail that moves sideways, as opposed to up and down, to control the flipping. This allows the cars to flip for as many times as the designer wants. The current 4th Dimension coasters only get about 900 degrees of rotation. This is explained in the video below.

Type 2:

The second type uses the same technology to flip the riders in a barrel roll style flip. With this type of car two tracks can be placed onto the same spine so you get a racing coaster! The two tracks can split and you can make your two trains duel. The trains can also ride through crazy elements without ever going upside down. There is more explained in this video:

I would go on either of these coasters (especially Type 2). They look like they would be a decent addition to almost any theme park.

Which do you like better? Would you go on them? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Wow. These look cool. Type one is cool because i like how they can have the riders face any way and make a coaster with several different riding positions. Type 2 looks cool also, its cool that the passengers never flip during the long twisty section and it seems like bunny hops. B&M should create type one, Intamin I could see doing type 2. Intamin always does the crazy designs!

  2. rtggamer permalink

    That is cool!

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