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Orlando Thrill Park Concept is Back!

November 2, 2011

Orlando Thrill Park was a concept park proposed for Orlando in April. The plans were rejected because the area was zoned for residential use only. Now the city of Orlando has reached a new zoning agreement that might allow the park to be built. A second reading and a public hearing are scheduled for Monday November 14th.

If the park is built it will possibly contain over a dozen large rides including:

Two 4th Dimension coasters (the first ones in the U.S.A. to be built outside of California)

A Vekoma Stingray flying coaster (the first one to be built outside of China)

A Vekoma/ Chance Morgan diving pretzel coaster (the first ever)

And an Intamin inverted accelerator coaster (like Top Thrill Dragster but beneath the track)

Overall it looks like a thrilling park so it lives up to its name.

You can see the complete list of rides in this L.A. Times slide show.

What do you think? What is your favorite proposed ride? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂



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  1. Matt P permalink

    Wow. This looks awesome! All these cool looking rides all in one extreme park, seems unreal. There are some important coaster types that I didn’t see though. They are missing a hyper, and every good park needs a hyper. They also are supposed to be getting a vekoma inverted coaster, which are horribly painful. They are missing B&Ms in their proposed ride lineup, too. The mack launch coaster seems cool, though. And the 4th dimension and flying coaster. And the intamin accelerator, when you say “inverted”, do you mean an inverted coaster like actual inverted beneath the track like wicked twister and volcano, or do you mean an inverted top hat like Mr. Freeze?

    • I’m pretty sure they mean Inverted like Volcano, They are missing a few B&Ms but we have tons here in Central Florida. A hyper coaster would be nice, there are no coasters with hills here. I would gladly trade out a Vekoma SLC for a hyper or B&M coaster ( they could combine them to make a B&M hyper too).

      • Matt P permalink

        Yeah i would be down for a B&M Hyper. They are my favorite type of hyper coaster. And I would trade out a vekoma slc and some other rides too, they need airtime at this park! And an inverted accelerator that would have a top hat? Sounds awesome!

        • Actually, come to think about it, I would trade a Vekoma SLC for almost anything, even a Batman: the Ride clone would be better (B&M’s worst coaster is probably better than almost all of Vekoma’s coasters [ sorry Vekoma but its true]).

          • Matt P permalink

            Me too, definitely. Vekoma mind erasers look fun, but are rough and once you have been on one they are all the same. Batman the ride may have many clones too, but I like batman. It has a fast paced and fun layout. And I think B&M’s worst coaster would be one of their standups. But I would even trade a SLC for that! Oh yeah and another coaster idea is that they should get a GCI woodie, like lightning racer at hershey.

          • Yea, they should at least have one woodie. Maybe a CI or one of the Intamin prefabricated ones. So far there is only one woodie at a major park and that is Gwazi at Busch Gardens ( not the best example of a quality coaster).

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