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Coaster Competition: Viper vs. Vortex

October 30, 2011

Coaster Competitions are pretty much the same as the Coaster Critic’s Coaster Showdowns (I get a lot of ideas from his site). I will compare and contrast two coasters that are alike in one way or another. Viper and Vortex are two Arrow Dynamics sit down mega-loopers. Viper is at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Vortex is at King’s Island.



Neither coaster has any theming so that category is being omitted. Viper is situated on a flat piece of land with no trees and just shrubs. Vortex is sometimes above the treeline and then suddenly below. The winner here is Vortex.


Vortex’s and Viper’s layouts are actually very similar, Viper has an extra loop though. Vortex has some hills that lead into two loops. After that there is a brake run and two corkscrews before a Batwing double inversion. Viper has a Vertical loop, a double loop, a brake run, a Batwing and two corkscrews. I like Viper’s layout more because the first loop was one of my favorite places on the ride.


Viper was actually really smooth for a 20-year-old Arrow coaster. I didn’t notice any headbanging on the double loops or the Batwing’s inversions. Vortex however, wasn’t smooth at all, between the two loops and the Batwing my head smacked against the headrest and my head felt like a pinball between the shoulder restraints. The clear winner here is Viper.

So Viper is the winner!

You can read my Viper review here.

You can read my Vortex review here.

What do you think? Should Vortex have won? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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  1. Matt P permalink

    It is surprising to hear that viper is smooth. I thought that it would be as rough if not rougher as great american scream machine formerly at six flags great adventure. The only arrow looper I have been on that wasn’t rough was loch ness monster. For the matchup, viper looks like the clear winner.

    • I thought Viper would be rough too, when I waited in line for X2 you could see the cars with riders up close and they looked like they were getting banged up, I was prepared for the worst when I rode it so maybe since it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be it ended up seeming smoother than it actually was.

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