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A New Inversion Record is Coming!

October 24, 2011

According to this page on the Roller Coaster Database a new coaster is opening in China with 11 inversions creatively named 11 Inversion Coaster. It will be manufactured by Hebei Zhongye a company who has only designed 4 coasters ever, all of them in China. 11 Inversion Coaster will have a height of 131 feet, a length of 3277 feet, and a speed of almost 53 mph. The inversions are practically the same as those on Colossus at Thorpe Park in the UK except with an extra loop.

I have always expected Intamin to build the next inversion record-breaking coaster, one of the first articles on this blog was of a design on Intamin’s website for a 12 Inversion Coaster. It is very different from 11 Inversion coaster and the 10 inversion coasters.

What do you think. Would you go on 11 Inversion Coaster or would you skip it? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Wow, this looks cool. And it is not from Intamin, suprisingly. Intamin holds almost every record in coasters: tallest, fastest, most loops, etc. Dont get me wrong, I love Intamin! It is just suprising this isnt from Intamin, and even more suprising that it is from a new company. The only records Intamin doesnt have that I can think of are steepest drop and longest coaster. Now, most loops will be taken away, or will it? A park should purchase a 12 inversion coaster from intamin, they look cool. A park in the US should purchase one, we haven’t had the most inversion record in a while. (Perhaps Cedar Point should purchase one and get their record for most coasters back, and yet another record breaking coaster?)

    • I was surprised when I saw the designer too especially with the similarities between these two coasters. A park in Brazil called Hopi Hari (I love saying the name) is rumored to be opening a version of the 10 inversion coaster that I wrote about. RCDB lists it as a “standard” 10 Inversion Coaster so it might not be anything completely unique. Unfortunately I don’t think Cedar Point has room for a 12+ inversion coaster, it would be awesome though.

      • Matt P permalink

        A park always has room somewhere, ive heard. Maybe if they remove mean streak(ive heard rumors that they will), they might have enough room for it.

        • I wouldn’t really care if they took Mean Streak out, they might change it into something like the Texas Giant according to Screamscape. They might have room in the back of the park between Maverick and Millennium Force.

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