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Hair Raiser

October 11, 2011

B&M is opening their first floorless coaster since Hydra: the Revenge in 2005. Its name is Hair Raiser and it is coming to Ocean Park in Hong Kong. It should be open by the end of 2011. The track is painted bright yellow with red supports. Hair Raiser is on the edge of a large hill next to a lake.


The ride starts with a lift to the top of the hill where it dives down a curved drop and into a vertical loop. Next is a Dive Loop, after this is a surprise bunny hop which should be fun. A Zero-G-Roll follows this. The final inversion is an Immelmann (a Dive Loop in reverse). There are a few curves and hills before the ride turns onto the final brakes.

Hong Kong doesn’t have any B&M coasters yet so this will be a good addition. I think this will be the first B&M coaster to have both a Dive Loop and Immelmann. Hair Raiser looks like a good ride (just please change the name).

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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