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Plane Craches into Ferris Wheel

October 3, 2011

A small plane crashed into a Ferris Wheel a couple of days ago. The accident happened at a fair about 200 miles north of Sydney Australia. Two kids were riding the Ferris Wheel when an ultralight plane crashed into the ride just a few yards away from them. The plane was flying in poor weather and somehow became entangled in the wheel’s spokes. After hanging in the air for three hours crews were able to help both people in the plane and the two kids on the Ferris Wheel down to safety. Amazingly, no one suffered any injuries. Authorities credit the weather for keeping more people off of the ride.

Thanks to The New York Times for the picture.

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Plane Craches into Ferris Wheel


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Wow. That must have been terrifying for the people on the ride and in the plane. I am very glad no one got hurt. It is a miracle. Whats with all these accidents happening all of the sudden in amusement parks? People stuck in a loop, people crash into ferris wheel, whats next?

  2. rtggamer permalink

    I can see why the pilot crashed into it. It blends in with the sky.

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