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Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain

September 24, 2011

Colossus is a large wooden racing coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.

It starts with a slow journey up the 125 foot lift hill. The drop turns to the right a little bit on the way down. Up another hill we fly into a turn. The turns on this ride are very slow, they are kind of a break in the excitement. We fall dawn another drop and up another hill. There is a small dip before we turn again, this time to the right. There is another drop back to ground level before yet another hill. This one used to have another drop but was replaced with trim brakes. We drop again and into the slowest turn of all. Once we finally finish it we hop through a series of hills before returning to the station.

Colossus wasn’t rough but it wasn’t too fun either, its turns were slow and the hills didn’t provide that much airtime. I am giving it a 5 out of 10.

Have you been on Colossus? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading 🙂



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